Center for Wildlife Forensic Research

The Center for Wildlife Forensic Research was created in 2015 in response for the need for scientifically and forensically robust research in the area of wildlife crimes.

wildlifeThe Center has grown slowly but steadily since its creation and is now beginning to get recognition for the work that is being done by its members.

Mission Statement

The Center for Wildlife Forensic Research at the University of New Haven will conduct ethical and necessary research to improve wildlife forensic science through guided projects conducted by forensic scientists, academics, and students in collaboration with the submitting agencies.


  • O’Brien, R.C., Appleton, A.J., Forbes, S.L. (Submitted) Comparison of Taphonomic Effects due to the Necrophagic Activity of Geographically Disparate Scavenging Guilds, Canadian Journal of Forensic Sciences

  • Appleton, A., O’Brien, R., and Trail, P. (2016) Species Identification of Golden and Bald Eagle Talons Using Morphometrics, Journal of Raptor Research, Vol. 50 No. 1 pp 76-83.

Student Spotlight

Chelsea Van Den Burg

"A Systematic Survey of the Scavenging Guild in the Long Island Sound and its Taphonomic Effects."

Student Spotlight

Amina Kunovac

Senior, Forensic Science and Biology Pre-Med, Minor - Chemistry

Student Spotlight

Maria Panepinto

“The goal of this experiment is to establish how to use the ratios of sodium and potassium obtained from the CE to determine time of death.”

Student Spotlight

Danielle McCully

“Comparative Analysis of Metal Concentrations of Blood and Cartilage between Shark Species.”