Who enrolls in the Fire Science Programs at the University?

If you are interested in preparing yourself for a career in a fire science or related field, the University of New Haven is for you. Our graduates hold jobs as firefighters and officers in some of the largest fire departments, work in the field of loss prevention, fire investigators for major corporations, work in the regulatory and code development field along with the private sector loss prevention or fire protection designing sprinkler systems. Many of our students are continuing their education and improving their opportunity for career advancement in federal, state, local government and the private sector.

What courses will transfer from my past schooling?

Courses which fulfill University of New Haven requirements for which you earned a C or better are transferable.

What courses must be taken at University of New Haven?

The upper-division FS courses MUST be taken at the the University of New Haven. Core Curriculum (CC) requirements and other electives offered at the University of New Haven must be taken from the University of New Haven. In order to take a CC course for credit at another accredited college students must obtain permission prior to taking a CC or an elective course.

Can Fire Service Certificates or National Fire Academy courses fulfill any of my requirements?

Yes. If you hold a valid National Registry EMT B or higher, you can receive credit for two (2) electives; If you hold a Firefighter II certification to NFPA 1001 you can receive credit for FS 102 Principles of Fire Science; If you hold certification(s) for Pump Operator, Fire Instructor I, II, Fire officer I or a number of other certifications by an authorized agency additional credit can be given. Your academic advisor can assist you further on this question.

Can I volunteer while attending the University of New Haven?

Yes. Many of the local combination and/or volunteer fire departments in the area allow the University of New Haven students to enroll in their department and serve as volunteer firefighters while on campus. CT does accept certifications from certain other states with compatible programs. Most all departments will provide protective clothing and additional training prior to responding.

Are there any opportunities to live at a fire station while at the University of New Haven?

Yes, but limited. At this time one department does allow the University of New Haven students to live in their fire station while attending the University of New Haven. Other departments are researching this as a viable option to increase coverage and provide a place for students to call home while at the University of New Haven.

Are any of the courses offered online?

Yes. Currently the University offers a number of its Fire Science courses online as an option to students. These courses are delivered through the university online blackboard system. The course instructor will e- mail the syllabus and pre-class assignments to the enrolled students. Students then log-in to their online class on the first week of the term using the course management system blackboard.

How many courses may I take each term?

It depends on how soon you want to earn your degree.

Part time students are allowed to complete eleven (11) credits a semester.

Full time students must complete at least twelve (12) credits a semester but no more than seventeen (17). If you exceed 17 credits there is an additional charge per credit hour. In either case it is important to follow the sequence of courses on the academic worksheet.

What is the purpose of the Resident Programs?

The Resident Program gives students the chance to work with other students, network, and meet faculty members face to face. With emphasis on group projects and classroom interaction, the courses taught in resident programs offer a traditional learning environment in the classroom.

What activities are available on Campus?

One  major advantage to living on campus are the clubs such as the Fire Science Club and Student Fire Protection Engineering Chapter. These Clubs offer a chance for students to live and learn with others of similar interest and apply what they are learning in class though activities. There are a number of other clubs and committees on campus that a student could get involved with.

What Course management system does the University of New Haven uses for online courses?

The University of New Haven uses a robust online course management system known as Blackboard Professional. Once enrolled in at the University of New Haven you will receive information on how to access the Blackboard system. Most of our professors use blackboard to post lesson information, assignments, grades and in some cases testing. 

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