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TCoE Guiding Principles

Members of the Tagliatela College of Engineering teaching/learning community are committed to the guiding principles below:


  • To exhibit respect, integrity, dignity, and professionalism
  • To assist all members of the College of Engineering — students, staff, and faculty — to achieve their full potential
  • To instill a spirit of pride, cooperation, and accountability
  • To believe that personal contact with and concern for students are essential
  • To be committed to the total development of the student
  • To recognize that in diversity there is strength
  • To understand that the Tagliatela College of Engineering is one component of the teaching/learning environment, and to offer support for other programs/units within the University
  • To support student and faculty research
  • To encourage faculty to seek independent research support and involve the community and industry in research efforts
  • To recognize and reward merit