Bergami Learning Center for Finance and Technology

The Samuel S. Bergami Learning Center for Finance and Technology (LCFT) was established in 2006 with the following goals: enhance the technology content of the College's curriculum, support research, and promote financial literacy.

The facilities include a computer lab with the latest database and analysis software, LCD screens and rise tickers for stock quotations.

Click below for a video showing how the Bergami Center can impact your education.

  • Bergami Center
    “The Bergami Center is Special because it supports one of the three major trends in industry: globalization, the use of quantitative methods for decision making and the increasing use of technology. It (the Bergami Center) provides the technology that is needed to deliver an educational experience relevant to today’s business World.…the programs we use in the Center are the same ones that are used in industry.  Experience using these programs gives our students a competitive edge in the job market."
    - Demissew Diro Ejara, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor of Finance, Director of the Samuel S. Bergami Learning Center for Finance and Technology
    “A lot of work as a financial analyst is working with data sets. The Sam Bergami Center has a lot of useful, comprehensive, current data sets that allow students to do the same types of analysis they would do in the business world.”
    - Wentworth Boynton, Ph.D., C.P.A.
    Associate Professor of Finance and Department Chair
  • Director's Message

    The objectives of the Samuel S. Bergami Learning Center for Finance and Technology (LCFT) are to enhance the technology content of business courses, facilitate access to databases and analysis software, support research, and spread financial literacy to the community. To that end the LCFT is equipped with state-of-the-art computers, LCD screens, cameras and reeling stock quotes, index and currency quotes, and news clips. The main classroom has twenty-eight computers. The instructor's desk is equipped with computer, video, camera, document camera, Classnet, and Crestron, which enable the instructor to have full control of the facilities in the room. The Center's facilities are in high demand by teaching faculty. Time slots are available for individual students and faculty to access data and programs, workshops, seminars and other events. University of New Haven students, faculty and staff are welcome to use the Center's facilities anytime classes are not scheduled in the Center. Classes, workshops and other events take place every semester. Special events can be held in the Center with advance scheduling through the Director or the Dean's office. In addition, small-group meetings can be scheduled in the adjacent DellaCamera Conference Room. The conference room has one computer with full access to the database and analysis software in the Center. Feel free to contact the Director to schedule events or to learn about the facilities.

  • Portfolios

    College of Business students compete annually to manage the Charger (investment) Portfolio. The portfolio began with seed money donated by Mr. Ralph DellaCamera '75, a member of the University of New Haven Board of Governors and a managing member and the chief investment officer for the New York-based hedge fund firm DellaCamera Capital Management.

    The competition is a significant project and a requirement of several investment courses. Teams of students present their proposals to the Charger Portfolio Advisory Board consisting of the University of New Haven VP of Finance and College of Business faculty members. The Advisory Board selects the winning proposal which becomes the Portfolio's investment position for the following year.

  • Databases + Software

    The following databases and analysis programs are available in the Bergami LCFT to support teaching and research.

    1) SAP -  is the World leading enterprise management software. The software organizes and coordinates all organizational resources such as inventory and sales management, accounts receivable, accounts payable, general ledger … it combines all enterprise data.

    2) Research Insight - Both Compustat North American and Compustat Global. This database contains general company information as well as financial and market data. Standard reports and charts are available, and it also allows user defined screening.  The Compustat North America database includes companies listed on U.S. stock exchanges. The Compustat Global database includes companies listed on foreign stock exchanges. Read this PDF for brief instructions on how to use Research Insight.

    3) CRSP Stock and Mutual Fund Data - Stock price, volumes, returns and other data for U.S. exchange listed companies from 1926 to present. Click here for instructions in PDF format. The CRSP web page has documentation about the databases and sample programs about how to download data. Click on Documentation at the top once you enter the web page and read the different manuals.

    4) I-Metrix (Edgar Pro) – Contains SEC filings for both individual companies as well as mutual funds. It also allows search and screen, and downloads to Excel.  Click here for brief instructions on how to use Edgar-Pro online. 

    5) Value Line Investment Survey Online - Value Line reports, ratings, and data on stocks and mutual funds.  Click here for more information

    6) Morningstar Direct – Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, currency, hedge fund information and more.  It allows for screening and downloads to Excel.  It also contains industry comparison financial ratios.  Users can access user manuals, training manuals and videos and get certification.

    7) King of Pension Funds - Database of pension funds provided by Judy Diamond Associates. 

    8) SBRnet – Includes marketing data for sporting goods and sports-related businesses. 

    9) Reuters Reuters EIKON  A financial data feed and analysis tool, includes up-to-date pricing, news and other information on stocks, bonds, foreign currency and commodities. It also has analyst forecasts and ratings of companies.  The analysis components include charting and technical analysis capabilities. Click here for brief guides. For online training and to watch pre-recorded training videos provided by Reuters, click here.

    10) DataStream- A database of stocks, bonds, derivatives and other instruments in different financial markets. It also has data on many economic variables such as interest rates, exchange rates, inflation, GDP growth, CDSs, etc. for almost all the countries of the world. DataStream is one of the most comprehensive financial databases.  View a brief guide here.

    Analysis Software 

    1) SAS - Statistical software, generates descriptive statistics, regression analysis, time series analysis, etc.

    2) SPSS - Statistical software, generates descriptive statistics, regression analysis, time series analysis, etc. 

    3) EViews - Statistical software, generates descriptive statistics, regression analysis, time series analysis, etc. 

    4) Crystal Ball - Excel add-on simulation software, performs Monte Carlo simulation and optimization analysis. 

    5) Great Plains - Microsoft Business Solutions. 

    6) Peachtree Accounting – A complete accounting process and reporting software. 

    7) Quickbooks - A complete accounting process and reporting software. 

    8) BARRA - Data feed with analysis capabilities such as optimization and portfolio risk analysis.

    9) Stata – Statistical/Econometrics program to perform such tasks as descriptive statistics, regression analysis, time series analysis, and testing.

    10) Smart Draw – Program for facilities design, flowcharting and other design tasks.