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Climate and Clothing

Our four seasons bring significant changes in weather. Normal precipitation for each month is 3 inches, falling as rain or snow.

Average temperature ranges per season are as follows:
Spring: Mid March - May
38° - 60°F or 3° - 15°C
Summer: June - mid September
60° - 95°F or 15° - 35°C
Fall: Mid September - November
46° - 60°F or 8° - 15°C
Winter: December - mid March
0° - 37°F or -17° - 3°C

Bring or plan to purchase clothing for the appropriate season. Clothing for New Haven climate includes:
Summer: a light weight jacket or sweater for cool evenings.
Fall and Spring: raincoats or medium weight wool coats or ski jackets for outdoors: sweater for indoors.
Winter: heavy jackets, overcoats, warm hats, scarves, gloves, and snow boots.