Dean of Students Office

The Dean of Students Office provides support and advocacy for students. We answer questions, provide information about and referrals to campus resources; assist in students’ adjustment to the University; promote programs which address student needs, concerns and interests; and help students in resolving problems of any type.

We challenge students to conduct themselves with integrity in both personal and academic matters and hold them accountable for their decisions and actions. Our goal is to foster a community of mutual respect where students are actively engaged members of the University community.

Office of the Dean of Students

Rebecca Johnson

Rebecca Johnson
Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students
Location: Bartels Hall, Room 203
(203) 932-7432

The Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students is the senior student affairs officer at the University. The student life program has two primary functions: providing necessary services, such as food, shelter, and medical and psychological care; and facilitating students' learning, development and community involvement through a broad range of experiential learning opportunities. The Dean can be a source of direct help to students and also a facilitator for referrals to other offices. Students with questions or problems are always welcome to call or stop by the Dean of Students Office.

Ric Baker headshot

Ric Baker
Senior Associate Dean of Students 
Location: Bartels Hall, Room 203 932-7432

The Associate Dean's responsibilities include oversight of departments responsible for student orientation and on-boarding, student learning, student engagement, and diversity and inclusion programs, as well as a number of Federal regulations relevant to the Division.

Becca Kitchell headshot

Becca Kitchell
Assistant Dean of Students
Office Location: Bartels Hall, Room 205
(203) 932-7432

The Assistant Dean's responsibilities include student conduct, case management, wellness, civic engagement, and the development of parent partnership programs.

Rachel Russell headshot

Rachel Russell
Assistant Director, Student Conduct and Student Life Initiatives
Office Location: Bartels Hall, Room 206
(203) 932-7432

The Assistant Director, Student Conduct and Student Life Initiatives assists in the overall student conduct process, with responsibility for creating educational programs to address student policies, assisting students with problem-solving, and developing technological mediums for policy education.

Ashley Dunn headshot

Ashley Dunn
Assistant Director, Student Life Programs & Title IX/VAWA Compliance Office
Location: Bartels Hall, Rm 214
(203) 932-7432

The Title IX/Clery Compliance Coordinator is responsible for coordinating University of New Haven proactive educational campaigns on Title IX issues, the identification of and trainings for Campus Security Authorities, developing narrative sections of the Jeanne Clery Annual Security Report, and coordinating the revision of policies, procedures and protocols for gender based incidents in compliance with recent Federal and State mandates.

Annette Schettino headshot 

Annette Schettino
Administrative Assistant Office
Location: Bartels Hall, Room 203A
(203) 932-7432