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Code of Conduct

University of New Haven Code of Conduct can be found within the online Student Handbook.

Student Conduct Process Videos

Video 1: "I was what?"

This process begins with the documentation of a student potentially in violation of the UNH student code of conduct.  A hearing officer will then be assigned to the case, and student(s) involved will be issued a letter via email to their UNH account with the alleged violation and instructions on how to schedule a hearing.

Video 2: Meeting with your hearing officer. 

When meeting with your hearing officer, they will take all information and evidence into consideration in order to assign the appropriate sanction. The sanctions and findings from the hearing officer can be accepted, or the case can be brought in front of the University Conduct Board, comprised of UNH students, faculty, and staff.

Video 3: Completing your Sanction.

It is necessary to complete your sanction in the time given. Failure to complete your sanctions will place a hold on your account. For any additional questions, please contact your hearing officer.