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College of Arts & Sciences

Ed.D. Teachers College Columbia University

About Judy

Dr. Randi joined the University of New Haven faculty in 2001, as coordinator of the elementary language arts courses. In addition to teaching literacy courses, Dr. Randi is actively involved in the professional research community and is regularly invited to serve on panels and to review grant proposals and manuscripts submitted for publication in scholarly journals.

Dr. Randi's research is focused on teachers' innovative practices. Interested in how innovative teachers apply theory to design instruction and curriculum tailored to the own schools, classrooms, and students, Dr. Randi especially enjoys teaching ED 612 (Curriculum Design) and advising graduate students conducting teacher research projects. Dr. Randi welcomes opportunities to collaborate with preservice and inservice teachers who are engaged in designing innovative instructional practices grounded in what we know about teaching and learning.

Recent Publications

Barbot, B., Randi, J., Tan, M., Levenson, C., Friedlaender, L. K., et al. (submitted). From perception to expression: A multi-method study of a visual literacy intervention. Learning and Individual Differences..

Barbot, B., Tan, M., Randi, J., Santa-Donato, G., & Grigorenko, E. L. (In Press). Essential skills for creative writing: Integrating multiple domain-specific perspectives. Thinking Skills and Creativity.

Tan, M., Randi, J., Barbot, B., Levenson, C., Friedlaender, L., & Grigorenko, E. (2012).  Seeing, Connecting, Writing: Developing creativity and narrative writing in children. In E. Mambrino, D. Preiss, & E. Grigorenko (Eds.), Writing: A Mosaic of New Perspectives.  NY: Psychology Press.

Randi, J. & Newman, T. , & Jarvin, L. (2012). Creative writing as assessment of content. In E. Mambrino, D. Preiss, & E. Grigorenko (Eds.), Writing: A Mosaic of New Perspectives.  NY: Psychology Press.

Randi, J., Corno, L., & Johnson, E. (2011). Transitioning from college classroom to teaching career: Self-regulation in prospective teachers. New Directions for Teaching and Learning. 12, 89-98.

Randi, J., Newman, T., & Grigorenko, E. (2010). Teaching children with autism to read for meaning: Challenges and possibilities. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.  DOI 10.1007/s10803-010-0938-6.

Randi, J. (2009). I think I can: Developing children’s concept of themselves as self-regulated learners. New England Reading Association Journal, 45 (1), 53 – 61.

Newman, T., Randi, J., Jarvin, L., & Grigorenko, E. (2009). Teaching for successful intelligence: An instructional approach for meeting the needs of children with different learning profiles. In G.D. Sideris & T.A. Citro (Eds.) Classroom strategies for struggling learners (pp. 35 – 47). Weston, MA: Learning Disabilities Worldwide, Inc.

Jarvin, L., Newman, T., Randi, J., Sternberg, R.J., & Grigorenko, E. (2007). Matching instruction and assessment in the education of gifted children: An illustration with Teaching for Successful Intelligence. In J.A. Plucker & C. M. Callahan (Eds.), Critical issues and practices in gifted education (pp.345-366). Waco, TX: Prufrock Press.

Randi, J. (Ed.). (2007). Research in the service of practice. Theory into Practice, 46 (4).

Randi. J. & Corno, L. (2007). Theory into practice: A matter of transfer. Theory into Practice, 46 (4), 334 -342.

Randi, J. & Jarvin, L. (2006). An A for creativity: Assessing creativity in language arts. The Thinking Classroom, 7(4), 26-32.

Randi, J. & Corno, L. (2005). Teaching and learner variation. British Journal of Educational Psychology, 3, 47-70.

Randi, J., Grigorenko, E., & Sternberg, R.J. (2005). Revisiting definitions of reading comprehension: Just what is reading comprehension anyway? In S. Israel, C. Collins Block, K. Bauserman, & K. Kinnucan-Welsch (Eds.), Metacognition in literacy learning: Theory, assessment, instruction, and professional development (pp.19-40). Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum.

Recent Presentations

Randi, J., Tan, M., Godwin, E., & Campbell, S. (March 31, 2012). Before, during, and after writing: What teachers can learn about children as writers through visual, verbal, and written modes.

Tan, M., Barbot, B., Randi, J., Levenson, C., Friedlaender, L., & Grigorenko, E. (July, 2011). Seeing, connecting, writing: A collaboration between the Yale Center for British Art and the Yale Child Study Center. Paper presented at the Annual Conference of International Association of Cognitive Education and Psychology, Boston, MA.

Randi, J. (October, 2010). Working Smart: Self-regulation at Home, School, and Career. Friends of the University of New Haven Library. University of New Haven Marvin K. Peterson Library. West Haven

Edmunds-Lloyd, M., Golbazi, A., & Randi, J. (October, 2009).  Promoting scientific literacy through university-school partnership. Poster session presented at the Connecticut Conference of Independent Colleges Connecticut Higher Education in the Public Square: Promoting STEM Literacy,Yale University West Campus, West Haven, CT.

Randi, J. (March, 2009). Promoting self-regulated learning in the literacy curriculum. Paper presented at the 3rd Annual Literacy Essentials Conference. New Britain, CT.

Professional Recognition and Honors

2012 – 2014  University Research Scholar

2011    Educational Testing Service: Nomination Praxis I Review Panel

2010    Teachers College Columbia University Design Panel: Adaptive Education

2010    CT Common Core of Teaching Revision Committee

2009    Teachers College Columbia University Design Panel: Teacher Education

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