Jeffrey S. Debies-Carl, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Debies-Carl Headshot
Associate Professor

M.A. Community Psychology Department
Psychology and Sociology Department
College of Arts & Sciences

Ph.D., Sociology, Ohio State University

M.A., Sociology, Ohio State University

B.A. Sociology/Anthropology, Kent State University

About Jeffrey

My research interests are in the areas of urban sociology, social psychology, and social movements. In particular, my primary focus is on the application of the sociological imagination—the perspective that emphasizes the interrelationship of social forces and individual agency— to the study and design of built environments (e.g. cities, buildings, interior design, etc.). My work examines how the built environment influences feelings, thoughts, behaviors, social organization, and culture, but also how these in turn shape the built environment itself. To examine these questions, I use diverse approaches ranging from quantitative applications to ethnographic methods.  

Published Books and Articles

Debies-Carl, Jeffrey S. Forthcoming. “Print is Dead: The Promise and Peril of Digital Media for Subcultural Resistance.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography.

Huggins, Christopher M. and Jeffrey S. Debies-Carl. Forthcoming. “Tolerance in the City: The Multilevel Effects of Urban Environments on Permissive Attitudes.” Journal of Urban Affairs.

Debies-Carl, Jeffrey S. 2014. Punk Rock and the Politics of Place: Building a Better Tomorrow. New York: Routledge. (A monograph exploring the links between social structure, environmental design, and cultural practices). 

Debies-Carl, Jeffrey S. 2013. “Are the Kids Alright? A Critique and Agenda for Taking Youth Subcultures Seriously.” Social Science Information 51(1) 110 -33.

Buettner, Cynthia K. and Jeffrey S. Debies-Carl. 2012. “The Ties That Bind: Bonding vs. Bridging Social Capital and College Student Party Attendance.”Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs73(4):604-12.  

Debies-Carl, Jeffrey S. 2011. “Mapping the Residual Landscape: Abandonment, Dilapidation, and Ruin.” Environment, Space, Place 3(2): 51-81.

Debies-Carl, Jeffrey S. and Christopher M. Huggins. 2009. “‘City Air Makes Free’: A Multi-Level, Cross-National Analysis of Self-Efficacy.” Social Psychology Quarterly 72(4): 343-64

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