Critical Skills for 21st Century Success

From our robust core curriculum, to the most technologically advanced programs we offer, we believe that the best education is one driven by both passion and purpose. We seek real answers to tough questions, real solutions to difficult problems, and real insights to evolve important conversations. Each collaboration will bring you a step closer to turning what engages you most into a rewarding career.


Where Passion and Practicality Meet

The arts and sciences have a huge impact on our world: what we listen to and read; how we understand nature and the human body; how and where we live. As a student in the University of New Haven’s College of Arts and Sciences, you’ll balance theory with practice, getting hands-on experience that builds your confidence and boosts your résumé.

From internships at major organizations to research projects in our cutting-edge facilities to study-abroad and community-engagement opportunities, the University of New Haven provides the experiences you need to build the foundation for a meaningful career.

Find Your Passion

  • The Humanities

    Classical disciplines for the modern minds, the Humanities form the core of a liberal arts education. They are the fields through which we seek to understand, enhance, and document the human experience. The more deeply we dive into humanistic knowledge, the more we strengthen our capacity for self-expression, creativity, reasoning, critical thinking, and analysis - skills that make us better learners, better collaborators, and better people.

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  • The Sciences

    Explore the building blocks of the physical world. Picture yourself using your abilities in math or science to solve a problem - perhaps to cure a disease or advance the state of knowledge in a field - biology, chemistry, environmental science, genetics & biotechnology, physics, marine biology, or marine affairs - that you are passionate about. You'll follow your scientific interests and excitement and chart your own career path.

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    Graduate Programs

  • The Arts

    The University of New Haven offers unparralled offerings in the arts. For both the serious artist and the creatively curious student, programs in the arts offer both B.F.A. and B.A. degree options. Lyme Academy College is our conservatory program for those who want to pursue a career as a serious artist. You can also pursue programs that cover a much broader swath of the art world: performance on the stage, art galleries and museums, curating, teaching the arts, the science of recording, and the business of promoting performers, concerts, managing talent, contracts, music publishing, etc., as well as designing in two dimensions (graphic design) and three dimensions (interior design).

    Undergraduate Programs

  • Communication, Film, & Media Studies

    Learn to hone the messages you share with the world and master the media and technology you use to do it. We'll teach you how to stand out from the chaos and noise when you have something to say, and how to connect with the audiences you seek - along with the ethical considerations and best practices to maintain integrity within each discipline. Our faculty comes from the worlds they teach, enabling them to bring a tremendous level of experience, wisdom, knowledge, and creativity to their instruction.

    Undergraduate Programs

  • Social Sciences

    Dive into the complexities of our personal and public interactions. The range of disciplines in the field enable you to develop the analytical and communication skills that are important throughout many industries and organizations. By pursuing an education in the social sciences, you will be well-prepared to engage in collaborative, interdisciplinary work in a variety of diverse fields.

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    Graduate Programs

  • Health Programs

    Discover how you can enrich individuals' wellbeing - and change their lives. Choose a track in which you'll examine how oral health impacts your overall health, or study why proper nutrition is so critical. Regardless of your path, you'll spend your career helping people lead healthier - happier and more fulfilling - lives.

    Undergraduate Programs

    Graduate Programs

  • Undeclared/Exploratory

    Entering college as an Exploratory student is an excellent way to begin your college career. You'll receive one-on-one attention from a team that includes your academic adviser, career advisers, success coaches, and our Career Development Center. Our goal is the same as yours: to connect you with the future you want.

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  • Pre-Professional Track

    All of our undergraduate degrees are excellent preparation for professional careers. For certain professions, however, you can take your preparation a step further by supplementing your major with one of our pre-professional programs. As you consider your professional and graduate study options, you'll get personal guidance from a University of New Haven adviser to steer you to the courses that dovetail with your chosen track.

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Nationally Recognized Center for Career Development

All University of New Haven students have access to the many resources available through the University’s Career Development Center, which has been named one of the best in the nation by The Princeton Review.

From career assessments, networking, and job shadowing to on-campus interviews and salary negotiation, the Career Development Center provides the skills and connections to identify a meaningful career and an opportunity to pursue your passion.

The numbers don’t lie. More than 91 percent of graduates are employed or in graduate school one year after graduation, and 96 percent are succeeding in their chosen fields after six years.

Learn from professors who are dedicated to your success.

Our faculty are leaders and innovators in their fields, bringing both deep professional experience and academic rigor to the classroom.