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Going Greek - More Than Just a Stereotype

Release Date:
2/8/2012 11:00 AM

by Heather Brown,
Admissions Representative/
Charger Day Coordinator

University of New Haven: Greek Org. Group Shot

We’ve all heard the stereotypes about Greek organizations: that they are just a bunch of kids who like to party; that the members are so socially awkward that they have to pay to be in an organization to have friends; and that they will make you do things that you absolutely do not want to do. Being a part of a Greek organization here at the University of New Haven means being a part of something greater than yourself and helping your community on both a large and small scale.

All fraternities and sororities have their own philanthropies – organizations for whom they raise both money and awareness. Compared to the surrounding chapters at other institutions, our Greek organizations go above and beyond to make our campus community aware of important social issues and philanthropic organizations. An example of this was Delta Phi Epsilon’s Deepher Dude event.

Delta Phi Epsilon (known colloquially as DPhiE, pronounced “D fy E”) is a sorority that values justice, sisterhood, and love, above all other principles. They work with three philanthropic organizations, one being the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. To help raise awareness and money for this organization, DPhiE hosts the Deepher Dude event. This is a male pageant in which students compete in categories very similar to those in the Miss America pageant. The main focus of this event is educating all of the attendees about the effects of cystic fibrosis and how they can make an impact in the search for a cure. This year, DPhiE raised over $1,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 

The Delta Epsilon Beta sorority sponsors an annual “Sleep Out for the Homeless,” where sisters (and anyone else who would like to participate!) sleep outside for the night with only some cardboard and newspaper for shelter. They do this to raise awareness of, and increase appreciation for, how those who are homeless are forced to spend every night.

The Delta Chi fraternity is known for working with the American Red Cross to have blood drives on campus each semester. These events involve not only the campus community but also the local community. Each drive lasts a full day, and there are always students and staff waiting in line for their chance to donate to the Connecticut Blood Bank.

No matter the organization, all of our fraternities and sororities are focused on helping their philanthropies and their fellow students. They comprise a close-knit community of dedicated students who want to succeed academically and make an impact on their surroundings. Students interested in a Greek organization are required to meet minimum GPA and credit requirements set in place by the university. This reinforces the fact that students are here to learn first and be a part of a Greek organization second. Many sororities and fraternities also have minimum GPA requirements while you are a sister or brother.

If your student is interested in one of our 16 Greek organizations here at the University of New Haven, remember that a key part to being in a fraternity or sorority is the work students do for their community and their university and that, in some cases, the academic expectations of the organization may be even higher than your own.