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Alumnus Nominated for Grammy Award

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2/8/2012 10:56 AM

It’s not quite like winning a Nobel Prize. There is little secrecy about the nominees and no early phone call from someone with a Swedish accent. Brendan Muldowney’s work as the tracking engineer for Seth Glier’s “The Next Right Thing” has been nominated in the category of “Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical.”

University of New Haven: Sound StudioMuldowney, who graduated with a degree in music and sound recording from the UNH in 2004, connected with Glier because both had worked with Dave Eggar, the cellist featured on the album. “He recommended me for tracking the album and then I really hit it off with Seth. That’s how it works in this business — you talk to people and word of mouth just spreads.”

The chief engineer at Carriage House Studios, a recording studio in Stamford, Muldowney began his music career in his parents’ basement playing guitar in a band.  He planned to be a performance major at UNH and spent a lot of time trying to get the sound just right.

“The best thing that I learned at UNH surprisingly wasn’t so much the recording studio skills as the music process and music theory,” Muldowney says. “Learning to be a good musician was the key.  Recording techniques and technology are important but the computer side of the business is always changing. You have to learn about those things on the job. The musicianship is the best part of the education.”

Michael Kaloyanides, professor and head of the UNH music department, said, “Brendan took several classes with me and he was always at the top of the class with the highest grade point average and with the highest quality work.  Dedication to academic work paid off.” 

The Best Engineered Album is voted on by professionals in the music recording field.  The Grammys will be awarded on Feb. 12, 2012.