Graduate (Master's & Ph.D.) Program Rates - Programs in Connecticut Tuition, Fees, Health Insurance, Books, Supplies, Living Expenses

  Per Term Per Year (2 terms)
Tuition $8,010
(based on 3 courses/9 credits
per term)
(based on 6 courses/18 credits per year)
Health Insurance $1,350 per year $1,350 per year
Graduate General Fee $110 per term $220 per year
Books and Supplies (estimate) $300 per term $600 per year
Off-Campus Living (estimate) $1,000 per month $12,000 per year
TOTAL $9,432 per term*
(see note below)
$30,190 per year
(For issuance of I-20 form)
- Cost per credit: $890
- Cost per course (3 credits): $2,670

*This amount does not include the 
books & supplies and the  off-campus living estimated expenses. The $9,670 amount only includes the first term tuition, fees and medical insurance charges.  This amount must be paid in full upon the student's arrival to campus for the 1st term of study.

Revised May 2017

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