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Undergraduate Tuition & Fees 2014-2015

Effective July 1, 2014
Full Time Day Students Per Semester
Tuition (12-17 credit hours) $16,665
Additional Charge for Credits over 17 (per credit) $1,110
General Student Fee* $650
*The general fee provides a partial contribution supporting essential
infrastructure, facilities and institutional services necessary to promote
student learning. This fee covers access to health and counseling
services and it supports student government and club activities. In addition,
this fee supports technology infrastructure initiatives including, but not
limited to, networks, electronic information resources, computer
laboratories and smart technology classrooms. This fee also covers facility
enhancements and student services such as access to the Beckerman
Recreation Center. The general fee is charged for each semester in which
a student enrolls. 
Prato Comprehensive Fee $24,580
Student Health Insurance Per Year
Health Insurance Fee  $1,491
*For more information on student health insurance click here.  
Residential Life Charges Per Semester
Standard Room - Double Occupancy $4,530
Celentano Hall - Single Occupancy $5,275
Celentano Hall - Double Occupancy $4,850
Main Street Condominium $4,850
Westside Hall - Opening Fall 2014  
Semi-Suite  $4,850
Full Suites $5,150
Housing Activity Fee $50
Charger Unlimited Meal Plan - Blue $2,625
*19 swipes per week, plus $200 Dining Dollars  
Charger Unlimited Meal Plan - Gold $2,625
*14 swipes per week, plus $525 Dining Dollars  
Charger Flex 100 Meal Plan  $2,140
*100 swipes/semester and $825 Dining Dollars  
Charger Flex 150 Meal Plan $2,400
*150 swipes/semester & $700 Dining Dollars  
RA Meal Plan $2,625
Part Time Day Students Per Semester
Tuition (per credit, up to 11 credit hours) $1,110
Activity Fee for 3-5 credits $20
Activity Fee for 6-8 credits $38
Activity Fee for 9-11 credits $56
Technology Fee $55
Evening Students Per Semester
Tuition (per credit, up to 11 credit hours) $555
Activity Fee $20
Technology Fee $55
Intersession Per Semester
Tuition (per credit) $555
Summer I & II Per Semester
Tuition (per credit) $555
Technology Fee $25
Auditing Per Credit
Alumni $70
Non-alumni $120
Differentials Per Credit
Engineering Courses $80
Computer Science Courses $80
Chemistry Courses $80
Tuition differentials are additional fees associated with particular
courses. These courses (usually engineering and computer courses)
require additional resources to operate. It is similar in concept to a lab 
fee, although the course in question does not necessarily have a
laboratory component. Differential fees are noted on the course listing
Additional Fees Per Occurrence
Co-op Registration (full time) $150
Co-op Registration (part time) $75
Late Registration Fee $25
Late Payment Fee $50
Crediting exam (per credit) $100
Graduation Refiling Fee $50
Diploma Replacement Fee $50
Late Graduation Filing Fee $50
Lab Fees $30-$4,000
Study Abroad Administrative Fee $500