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The Center for Student Success is designed to empower incoming transfer students to become engaged and confident learners by providing a supportive community and exceptional educational experiences.

The Center for Student Success assists transfer students in a variety of ways and recognizes that new responsibilities and expectations can be overwhelming. Take a look at the resources available to you specifically as transfers as well as get to know how to take advantage of the  resources of the University of New Haven. 

Tips for Transfer Students

Participate in Programming for Transfer Students

The University of New Haven offers special programs for transfer students. Our Welcome Week activities during the Fall semester are great because they allow you to meet others who are in a situation similar to your own. It may be especially easy to bond with those who, like you, have moved on from another school.

See An Academic Adviser

It's important to see an academic adviser upon arriving at the University of New Haven. Being a transfer student means dealing with some unique academic circumstances. Perhaps you want to file a petition so that credits you've earned at another school can count at your new institution. Maybe you're not fully aware of general education requirements. Whatever the situation, an adviser can help.

Connect Early on with Professors

Peers who have been at a school from the onset of their college careers may have already established important bonds with professors and other university officials. Because you're new on campus, you'll want to be proactive in meeting and getting to know instructors and staff. Pay particular attention to faculty in your major by participating in class and utilizing office hours.

Join At Least One Student Club

Huge events on campus are great, but it's often easier to make friends in smaller, more intimate settings. Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) provide the perfect opportunity for you to connect with others who share your hobbies or interests. The University of New Haven offers a plethora of clubs and organizations. Join at least one group, but consider multiple clubs if your schedule allows.

Meet with your Success Advisor

A Success Advisor can help you with adjusting to the University of New Haven, assist with time management, study skills, learning styles and much more! Your success coach is here to help you become academically excellent!

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