Center for Learning Resources

CLR logoThe mission of the Center for Learning Resources (CLR) is to provide academic content support to the students of the University of New Haven using metacognitive strategies that help students become aware of and learn to apply optimal learning processes in the pursuit of creating independent learners.

CLR tutors focus sessions on discussions of concepts and processes and typically use external examples to help students grasp and apply the material.  In the Writing Lab, tutors address papers with the goals of helping students recognize patterns of strengths and weaknesses and learning to independently correct the latter.

The CLR promotes an environment of nonjudgmental support, listening to the needs of our students, and working to provide lessons geared toward the individual learning style of each student.

The CLR Consists of:

  • The Computer Lab
  • The Math, Science, and Business Lab
  • The Undergraduate/Graduate Peer Tutoring Program
  • Workshops
  • The Writing Lab