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Employment Opportunities

Are you interested in working at the Center for Learning Resources? Use the options to the left to select a position category, such as undergraduate or graduate.  See the descriptions of each of the open positions in the CLR for more information about how to apply and become part of our team.

How to Apply:

Application Packets:   A formal application packet should be submitted for each position for which you are applying and should contain the following items:

  • A current resume that lists your month (either May or December) and year of graduation (Check with your faculty adviser if you are not 100% certain of your graduation date.)
  • A formal cover letter of two to three paragraphs that explain:
    • Your qualifications for the position
    • Why you are interested in it (Don’t just tell us you want a job.)
    • What you will contribute to our team if hired
    • Any prior experience—work, volunteer, or personal—that you feel may be relevant
    • Our “Student Application Form (click here to download it- These forms are only PC compatible, sorry for the inconvenience ) completed in full.
    • Our “Spring 2017 Availability Form (click here to download it- These forms are only PC compatible, sorry for the inconvenience) completed in full, including the top portion
      • Remember that candidates will be expected to work some night hours.
    • If you are applying to a Computer Lab line only, the Computer Lab Proficiency Checklist (click here to download it)
    • If you are a graduate student, or if you are an undergraduate who took courses at another college/university, a copy of your transcript (in English); an unofficial, electronic version is fine
      • We will review your UNH transcript at the time of the application.  You do not need to submit it.
    • After we have invited you to interview, one letter of reference from a faculty member supporting your candidacy for each subject you are applying to tutor; please do not ask for the reference(s) before we invite you to interview—The letter(s) should be sent directly to our director, Ms. Debbie Malewicki, via email ( within one week of your interview date.  (If you are applying for a line that requires the endorsement of the faculty liaison for the program, you should approach that person in advance.  Those lines are noted along with the name of the faculty liaison.)
If you are interested, please submit the documentation listed above to Ms. Debbie Malewicki, CLR Director, at, specifying the position(s) for which you are applying.  Any questions regarding this position should be addressed by contacting us at (203) 932-7215.  All applications should be submitted electronically.