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Current UNH Students

Student Memberships

All currently-enrolled UNH students are automatic members of the Beckerman Recreation Center during the academic year.  All UNH students enrolled during the fall and/or spring semester may use the facility over the winter break at no additional fee. 

All students under 18 years of age MUST have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian before they can use the facility. A paper copy of the facility waiver is available to print. 

Students that wish to use the Beckerman Center during the summer months may do so by purchasing a summer membership:

Summer Memberships
Session 1 (Monday 5/19 - Sunday 7/6) $30
Session 2 (Monday 7/7 - Sunday 8/24) $30
Full Summer (Monday 5/19 - Sunday 8/24) $50


Household Membership

All current members can add a household member (which includes significant others and dependents 16 years and older) onto their account for a low rate.  Please see our Household Memberships page for more information. 


Note: Graduate students only need to pay $30 during the summer intersession between trimesters. 

Locker Rentals are also available!