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Fitness Studios

Guido L. Petra and Diane F. Petra Group Exercise Room (Studio 204)

Dr. Nicholas V. Perricone Group Exercise Room (Studio 205) 

University of New Haven: GroupFitness

Two group fitness studios are located on the second level of the David. A. Beckerman Center.  The fitness studios are home to ChargerREC GroupX classes. Click on the following link for specific information about classes and schedules: ChargerREC Fitness & Wellness.

Drop-In and Reserved Studio Use

  • UNH groups wishing to request facility space must request space via EMS. 
  • When not reserved for programming or events, Studio 204 will be available for Member drop-in use.
  • During drop-in use, Members must share the space. Groups are not permitted to monopolize the space. Music and activities may not interfere with other Members' abilities to use the space.
  • Members are not permitted to access GroupX equipment.
  • Groups with reserved times in the studios will have access to the sound system. Groups will have access to the external audio jack and volume control only. Groups will not have access to the internal controls. Groups must supply their own audio cable.
  • Members or groups who are using the Studios for drop-in use are not permitted access to the sound system, as it impacts other Members' abilities to use the space. If Members or groups wish to use music for their drop-in workout, they may provide their own boom box or sound docking system as long as it does not impact other Members' abilities to use the space.
  • All equipment must be used in the manner for which it is designed.  Members may not attempt to modify equipment.
  • Groups or members doing heavy-footed workouts or dances (ex. Plyometrics, stepping, etc.) during office hours (Monday-Friday 9am – 5pm) will be asked to move to a different location.
For more Fitness Studio Policies and Guidelines Click Here.