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We took up the challenge nearly a century ago, in 1920. That was a time of great social and economic turmoil, across the nation and around the world. A terrible war had been followed by a deep recession, with high rates of unemployment among returning veterans. The future seemed uncertain, at best.

To that challenge, the young University of New Haven brought unusual talents and resources. We were idealistic, but also pragmatic. Despite our traditional roots—as an academic offspring of Yale and Northeastern—we took risks. Decade after decade, we put ourselves on the cutting edge of business and industry, teaching subjects that most universities didn’t yet recognize as subjects. In a no-frills setting, we fostered an entrepreneurial spirit. To some, we became known as the “Second-Chance College,” reaching out to talented young people who hadn’t yet found their niche. Some lacked financial resources. Some still had to learn how to bring their talents to bear in a college setting. We helped them all—and many others.

Today, we still perform that critical mission. And we do far more. We provide a unique education— entrepreneurial, experiential, practical and hands-on— to an increasingly selective group of undergraduates and graduate students. Those young people are incredibly diverse, but they all share three characteristics: talent, ambition and persistence.

Today and tomorrow, we need to do even more. Toward that end, we launch The Charger Challenge— with the goal of raising $100 million— and we invite you to join us in that ambitious effort.

Please visit our special Charger Challenge giving page to make your gift today.

To learn more about The Charger Challenge, please visit

  1. How to Give

    Three Easy Ways to Make Your Gift

    1. Mail your check payable to the University of New Haven to:

    Office of Advancement
    University of New Haven
    300 Boston Post Road
    West Haven, CT 06516

    2. Contact the Office of Advancement at 203-479-4114

    3. Make your gift online using our secure server

  2. Why Give?

    Making an Investment in Higher Education

    • The University of New Haven is a private, nonprofit institution. Our business is educating our students.
    • Our mission is to prepare our students to lead purposeful and fulfilling lives in a global society by providing the highest quality education through experiential, collaborative, and discovery-based learning.
    • Nearly 90 percent of full-time, undergraduates receive financial aid.
    • The average amount of institutional merit and need-based aid awarded in 2014-15 was $14,750.
    • Donations, of any size, are tax deductible and are greatly appreciated.
    • Scholarship gifts make a lifetime of difference for the students who benefit from your support.
  3. Impact of Giving

  4. Priorities

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Announcing the Charger Challenge


The Charger Challenge will help shape the future of UNH. It is a bold investment in the potential of our students, the world’s next leaders, innovators and problem solvers.

    Dave Galla
    Dave Galla ’99
    VP at People’s United Bank
    “I think, as time passes, your memory of your time in a certain place becomes more fond, and this has given me an opportunity to go back to the University and give back just a little of what it gave me,”
    Patricia Spratt
    Patricia Spratt
    Board Member of the Lyme Academy College of Fine Arts
    “I really felt I could have an impact at Lyme College. The pay-it-forward concept is important to me – my last year at Parson’s, I had an emergency situation where I needed scholarship money, and they made it happen. Lyme is like that – they make it happen for the students."
    Charles J. Boulier III ’91 MBA
    President and Chief Financial Officer of Nutmeg Financial MHC, now ION Bank.
    “My mother always told us it is better to give than receive and to always consider giving back something to our community,” he said. “I felt this scholarship fund achieves that vision. It also supports a worthy university.”
    Buendia, ReeceAnn
    ReeceAnn Buendia ’14
    Former President of the Society of Women Engineers at UNH
    “My hope is that the welcoming and supportive environment I experienced will be maintained in order to encourage more women to pursue engineering at UNH.”
    Linda Copney-Okeke
    Linda Copney-Okeke ’91 A.S., ’94, ’02 M.S.
    Past Parent and a UNH Staff Member

    “UNH offers students a world-class education and prepares them for real-world living and career opportunities. I want to make a difference for those students who need just that little something extra to ensure that they, too, can achieve their dreams.”