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Preparing for Class Registration


Placement Exams, Advising, and Pre-Registration Survey

Welcome new students! These instructions will get you started in the process of creating a class schedule for your first semester at UNH.

The courses you need to begin with include foundation courses from the "Core Curriculum" as well as from your major, and may also include math and science courses that must be taken before more advanced courses for your major. The Core Curriculum is required of all students and contributes to making you into a "college graduate." More on the Core is found here.  Depending on your major, you may also be able to take elective courses chosen on the basis of interest or the guidance of your faculty advisor.

Please note: Step 7 requires you to perform multiple tasks related to building your fall class schedule:

  • Take placement exams to determine the appropriate level of math, English and (if applicable) modern language courses;
  • Watch a brief video and read an advising PDF that provide guidance about the first-semester registration process;
  • Complete a fast survey we will use to develop your first-semester course schedule.
Deadline is May 16

DEADLINE: Complete this step between March 20 and May 16. The Priority Deadline for scheduling is May 16. 

What do I need to do to complete Step 7?
  • In Step 7, you will complete the tasks listed above. They must be completed IN ORDER and by the deadline listed.
  • Please remember, all three tasks in Step 7 must be completed between March 20 and May 16 to ensure you receive your schedule at SOAR.
  • The placement exams are designed to be taken on traditional computers. Please avoid taking tests on mobile phones or tablets.
  • On March 20, a "Registration Process" button will appear below. Until then, simply make note of this requirement and return to this page on or after March 20.
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  1. Questions?

    Preparing for Class Registration requires you to complete multiple tasks. Contact information will be provided inside Blackboard.

    Please note:  To receive a class schedule for Fall 2016, all new students must complete the tasks in order and by the deadline listed.

  1. Need Your Login Info?

    If you are unable to locate your student login and password, or if you're having trouble logging in, please email (note: your password is NOT your birthdate).
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