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Pay Your Tuition Bill and Waive UNH Health Insurance


Pay Your Tuition Bill and Waive UNH Health Insurance

UNH Health Insurance

All full-time undergraduate students at UNH are charged for UNH health insurance.  If you already have health coverage and wish to waive the coverage UNH is offering you, you will be required to submit a waiver confirming you have existing coverage and wish to decline UNH coverage. 

Information about this process will be available with your fall semester bill in mid-June (see below).

Deadline is September 2

DEADLINE: You must waive UNH health insurance by September 2.

Info for Families

You can access your student’s ePay account by having your student sign you up as an authorized payer. Through ePay, you can access your student’s tuition statement, view account activity, and make a secure online payment. As an authorized user on their ePay account, you will also receive an email notification when there is a new bill available for viewing. Click here for details.

Pay Your Tuition Bill and View Additional Information

Tuition bills for the Fall 2016 semester will be mailed home in mid-June and will be due by July 13, 2016. Please watch for a large envelope with "Billing Information Enclosed" on the front. The envelope will contain your bill and a blue folder full of important billing and financial aid information. 

For more information, please visit the Bursar’s Office webpage.

Deadline is July 13

DEADLINE: You must pay your tuition bill by July 13.

What do I need to do to complete Step 11?
  • Information about the insurance waiver was sent with your bill in mid-June.
  • Please click on the orange "Waive Insurance" sign below to go to an external website where you can waive the insurance plan. The insurance charge will be removed from your bill 2-3 business days after we receive confirmation of the waiver.
  • Please click on the orange "Pay Your Tuition Bill" sign below to go to insideUNH. From there, you can access the ePay system to pay your bill.
  • Once you have completed both of those steps (or made note of the requirements to come back to this later) please click on the "Step 12" sign below to move ahead on the Road Map.
Click here to waive UNH-Sponsored Health Insurance Click here to view your tuition bill
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  1. Questions?

    Please note: information about UNH health insurance will be included with your tuition bill, to be sent during mid-June 2016.

    If you have questions about UNH health insurance or paying your tuition bill, please contact the Bursar's Office at or (203) 932-7217.

  1. Need Your Login Info?

    If you are unable to locate your student login and password, or if you're having trouble logging in, please email (note: your password is NOT your birthdate).
  2. Not ready to complete this step?

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