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Football, University Life Inextricably Attached

Release Date:
7/10/2012 1:23 PM

The Gazette (Iowa), July 10, 2012

The Gazette (Iowa), July 10, 2012: Five new college football teams are set to take the field for the first time this season, joining 28 new programs that have begun play since 2008 and 17 more programs set to launch between 2013 and 2015. UNH reinstated its own program in 2009, and posted an 11-2 record in 2011. Says UNH Director of Athletics Deborah Chin, “The reinstatement of the football program coincided with the university’s record-setting enrollment numbers in 2008, and the growth has continued over the last four years behind the leadership of President Steven Kaplan. The entire region has enjoyed a restored sense of community surrounding the football program.” [This article also appeared in Boxscore News and High School Sports and Athletic News.]

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