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The Breast of Advertising

Release Date:
6/5/2012 9:00 AM

AdWeek, June 4, 2012

AdWeek, June 4, 2012: A recent study in Advertising & Society Review found that 20 percent of all magazine and Web ads involve sexual images, which falls to just 10 percent for TV spots. The debate over breasts in ads and whether they attract, distract or repel rages on, with numerous studies warning that sexual imagery can be a too-risky strategy that alienates consumers, particularly women. Ben Judd, associate business dean at UNH, has conducted several studies pertaining to sexual imagery in ads. Judd calls naked come-ons in campaigns “a complete waste of time” since consumers tend to ogle the breasts, then forget the product. “The more nudity you show, the lower recall of the brand,” he says.

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[This article also appeared in SAT News]