The traditional role of paramedics as solely rapid care and transportation to a hospital is being challenged.

ParamedicineParamedics are now seen as critical care providers practicing in a “street medicine” setting. A number of healthcare systems in our country have embraced the utilization of paramedics in non-traditional roles and settings.

Our students will be trained to provide for patients at home, in clinics, and in private practices, as well as emergency care in street and extended care settings. Our Paramedic graduates and affiliated faculty will have employment opportunities in a variety of traditional and non-traditional settings including transporting and non transporting EMS, special operations medicine, walk-in clinics, remote construction sites, and hospital emergency rooms.

EMS Focused Courses Available
Foundations of EMS Systems Legal, Political, and Regulatory Environment of EMS
EMS Operations and Administration Safety and Risk Management for EMS
Injury and Illness Prevention in the Community EMS Instructor Capstone Seminar
Management of EMS Transportation  

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