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Fischer, Alice
Professor & Undergraduate Coordinator (CS/IT)
Tagliatela College of Engineering
Electrical & Computer Engineering and Computer Science
Buckman Hall
Academic Credentials


    Ph.D. in Computer Science, Harvard University
    M.A. in Applied Mathematics, Harvard University
    B.A. in Mathematics, with Distinction University of Michigan

    Published Books and Articles

    A. Fischer and F. Grodzinsky, The Anatomy of Programming Languages, Prentice Hall.
    Fischer, A., Eggert, D., and Ross, S., Applied C, an Introduction and More, McGraw Hill,   1116 pages.  Also translated and published in traditional Chinese for Taiwan and Hong Kong, and in simplified Chinese for the Republic of China.

    Conference Papers:
    A. Fischer,  R. Morelli, M. Cohen, J.Chiarella, A Gap in the Path to Professional Competence,  Panel discussion at  Consortium for Computing in Small Colleges,6th Annual Northeastern Conference.

    A. Fischer, Finding the Mid-Path, presented at the International Software Engineering Society conference, Wuhan, P.R. China and published in the Wuhan Journal of Natural Science

    Fergany, T., Eggert, D. and Fischer, A., Web-Based Learning Environment for the C-Programming Language,  The IEEE Educational Software Workshop.

    A. E. Fischer and M. J. Fischer, Mode Modules as Representations of  Domains, Proceedings of the ACM Principles of Programming Languages Conference.

    T. E. Cheatham, A. E. Fischer, and P. Jorrand, BASEL, the Base for an Extensible Language,   Proceedings of the ACM / IEEE  Fall Joint Computer Conference.

    Courses Taught

    • CS 107 - Computers and their Applications
    • CS 110 - Introduction to Programming / C
    • CS 166 - Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
    • CS 210 - Java Programming
    • CS 226 - Data Structures with Collections
    • CS 416 - Social and Professional Issues in Computing
    • CS 604 - Introduction to Programming / C
    • CS 610/ CS 212 - Intermediate C Programming
    • CS 617 - Java Programming
    • CS 626/ CS 526 - Object Oriented Principles and Practice / C++
    • CS 628/ CS 428 - Object Oriented Design
    • CS 636/ CS 536 - The Structure of Programming Languages
    • CS 655/ CS 441 - Web/Database Application Development