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Graphic Design

Every day, a tidal wave of web content, video, and print passes before our eyes.  We may give what we see a quick scan.  More often that not, we don’t. So, how challenging is it to get us to pause for more than a second, watch, or actually read the information?  Extremely.  But, it’s something that the professional graphic designer is more than up to.  If you have your eye on becoming one of these in-demand professionals, our bachelor’s in graphic design will give you the training you need to become part of this creative, fun, and ever-expanding field.

Know what it is.

Graphic design is the art of communicating visually through words and pictures — in print, online, and on-screen.  The graphic designer’s job is to bring clarity and visual aesthetics to a piece through an understanding of theory, design practice, and technology.   The immediate goal is to capture and hold a viewer’s attention so that the end goal can be realized — usually, getting a viewer to think something or do something. 

Get in-depth training.

June 2015, Prato. Professor Laura Marsh taught a Graphic Design Studio course to a small group of UNH students studying abroad in Prato.
June 2015, Prato. Professor Laura Marsh taught a Graphic Design Studio course to a small group of UNH students studying abroad in Prato. The class produced an installation at a local storefront in Prato with the Consorzio of Santa Trinita. They also reproduced a 14th century painting by Bonaccorso di Cino, titled, Crocifissione con Simboli della Passione (Crucifixion with Symbols of the Passion). The class held an opening for the project in collaboration with Dr. Juline Mills' hospitality students. The goal of the Consorzio was to shed light on a detached fresco that is currently inaccessible to Prato's public. The city council's mission is to provide viewers with insights into local narratives, gastronomy, art and culture.

In your freshman and sophomore years, you’ll concentrate on basic design vocabulary, composition, color perception, drawing, photography, and get an introduction to the use of computers as a design tool.

In your junior and senior years, your creative skills will blossom as you focus on typographic studies, illustration, critical analysis, problem-solving methodology, advanced computer projects, and complex applied design projects.

By the time you graduate, you’ll be ready for a graphic design position in design studios, corporations, and agencies or for graduate study in the field.

Want to enter the professional world sooner?  We also offer an associate’s degree as well as the bachelor’s.

Learn on some of the best equipment in the business.

Notice, we said “in the business,” not “in higher education.”  That’s because our equipment uses the same cutting-edge digital design technology and computer art that the pros use.   You’ll learn on a dual-platform — both Mac and PC — so you’ll be qualified to work in all industries and companies in the areas of print/publishing, new media (CDs, DVDs), video, and website design.

Network with the stars.

Networking is an art, too.  It’s one you’ll have every opportunity to develop and refine at UNH, thanks to our close connections with professionals in a number of organizations.  To name a few:

  • The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA)
  • The Broadcast Designer’s Association (BDA)
  • The College Art Association (CAA)
  • The Association of Computer Machinery (ACM/Siggraph)
  • The Connecticut Art Director’s Club (CADC)


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