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General Mail News

  • A postage stamp .49 cents.
  • If there is any foreign substance, strange smell or leakage found on mail, call campus police ASAP (203) 932-7070
  • Be sure to always add a return address. Not doing so can slow your mail down at USPS or if it is undeliverable the USPS does not know where to return it.
  • Remind family and friends to NEVER send cash in the mail unless it is USPS express mail or FedEx express mail.
  • Campus police is responsible for opening and closing mail box locations. In the summer, no mail is placed in mailboxes. *See Mail Policies for more information on summer mail policies.
  • Mailing Policies
    • Students can use their charger dollars to mail
    • Mailing supplies can be purchased at the bookstore
    • We have priority and express packaging along with UPS and FedEx supplies