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This database is the most comprehensive ABI/INFORM™ database, comprised of ABI/INFORM Global, ABI/INFORM Trade and Industry, ABI/INFORM Dateline and ABI/INFORM Archive, featuring over 3,000 full-text journals, 25,000 Dissertations, 14,000 SSRN working papers, key newspapers such as The Wall Street Journal and The Financial Times, as well as country-and industry-focused reports and data. Its international coverage gives researchers a complete picture of companies and business trends around the world.

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Academic Search Premier 

Designed specifically for academic institutions, EBSCO's Academic Search Premier is a multi-disciplinary full text database containing full text for more than 4,600 journals, including nearly 3,900 peer-reviewed titles. In addition to the full text, this database offers indexing and abstracts for more than 8,500 journals. This scholarly collection offers information in nearly every area of academic study including: computer sciences, engineering, physics, chemistry, language and linguistics, arts & literature, medical sciences, ethnic studies, and many more. Academic Search Premier is an enormous collection of the most valuable peer-reviewed full text journals, offering critical information from many sources unique to this database.

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The electronic editions of record for valuable local, regional, and national U.S. newspapers as well as full-text content of key international sources -- all in one easy-to-search database with a world map. Each provides unique coverage of local and regional news, including companies, politics, sports, industries, cultural activities, and people in the community, as well as a distinctive focus offering a variety of viewpoints on local and world issues. Paid ads are excluded.

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ACCESS SCIENCE (Encyclopedia of Science & Technology)

Enjoy online access to illustrated articles from the latest edition of the McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of Science & Technology. This resource also includes research updates from the McGraw-Hill Yearbooks, the latest Science News headlines, scientific biographies, links to evaluated and approved web sites, and more. Entries are written by experts in their respective fields.

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Audiobooks are available for download through iCONN, the Connecticut Digital Library.  You can download and listen to them on your computer or MP3 player.  Fiction, biography, autobiography, classics, and other areas are available.  This collection is regularly updated.

PLEASE NOTE: Your UNH ID card number will not work to access these audiobooks. You must use the number on your public library card from any public library in the State of Connecticut.  To obtain a Connecticut public library card you will need your UNH ID card and a piece of mail with your local address.  If you are a UNH student from out-of-state, please visit the West Haven Public Library to obtain a card. 

Access:  Use your CT public library card to access the books in this collection. 


Peer-reviewed journals, working papers and other scholarly information offered for free downloading. According to its website, bepress "develops and licenses technologies to help the academic community produce, archive, and disseminate scholarly work."

Major subject areas: Economics, Business and Marketing; Law; Political Science, Public Affairs and Humanities; Health and Medicine; Science and  Technology.


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Access: Free access. If you want to download an article, you will be asked to supply your name and affiliation, and then you will be allowed to download it.


Wilson’s largest biography database has combined the in-depth, original profiles of Wilson Biographies Plus Illustrated, plus the thorough periodicals coverage of Biography Index, full-text articles, page images, and abstracts from the complete range of Wilson databases (including biographical profiles, feature articles, interviews, essays, book reviews, performance reviews, speeches, or obituaries). With links to every article focused on any individual in nearly every WilsonWeb database, Biography Reference Bank offers a breadth and depth of information you’ll find in no other biography database. It covers over 500,000 people and includes over 36,000 images!

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 Biography Reference Center offers a comprehensive collection of more than 450,000 full text biographies, including the complete full text run of Biography Today and Biography Magazine, as well as thousands of narrative biographies that are not available in other databases. 

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Online journals in the sciences. 

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Access: Site freely available to all through BioMedCentral link (above), but requires free registration.


BNA's Human Resources Library provides practical, comprehensive, and timely coverage of workplace issues of interest to HR professionals, consultants, and attorneys. It explains federal and state compliance requirements; summarizes key state laws and regulations; analyzes compensation and benefits, EEO, employee relations, organizational development, safety and health, and staffing issues; and gives tips on writing and implementing work rules and policies.

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The online version of print resources from the Bureau of National Affairs with primary sources like the Internal Revenue Code, Treasury regulations, tax cases and more, along with expert commentary, analysis, and updates. Provides information on tax accounting for U.S. and foreign income portfolios, estates, gifts, and trusts, as well as tax forms and practice materials. Foreign, federal, and state tax commentary, primary sources and reports.  

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