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21st Century Learning Meets Historic Tuscany

Tuscany Campus
A view from the rooftop terrace of the new facilityThe University’s campus in Tuscany, Italy, will soon be relocated to a beautiful, fully renovated, former 16th century convent on one of the nicest squares in the city of Prato, the second largest city in Tuscany.

Adjacent to the campus is a small Franciscan church, and right behind the campus is a very special Renaissance cloister garden, onto which several of the classrooms and residence hall rooms look.

Off of this garden is a spectacular 15th century chapel that is always open during the day and a space for lectures and special events. The chapel has impressive Renaissance frescos on all walls and the ceiling. The building also features a very large rooftop terrace that extends over the top of two buildings. The entire complex was renovated in 2007 at a cost of more than $2.5 million.

“This is a storybook space,” said President Steve Kaplan. “The views over Tuscany are breathtaking.” 

This facility also includes a fully renovated residence hall featuring a new professional kitchen and a dining room for weekend meals. Residents will enjoy plenty of lounge and study space and can take advantage of on-site cooking classes.

Since the campus opened in the fall of 2012, more than 150 students have had the extraordinary opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich culture of Tuscany. The 45 students there for the spring semester are taking classes in criminal justice, music, art history and Italian.