If there is one thing that people studying legal policy and the law need, it’s a first-rate library.  The Marvin K. Peterson Library at the University of New Haven maintains substantial law-related assets, online legal  research databases, and is a U.S. Government Depository library. We also provide legal studies  students with their own personal passwords for Westlaw, the preeminent online legal database.  This gives students access to all state, national, and most international legal materials — statutes,  cases, law journals, and legal reference materials.  The library’s features include quiet study space, group study rooms, comfortable seating, 71 desktop  computers, six iMacs, and 48 laptops from which to access legal and social science research,  four black-and-white, high-speed printers, and a color printer. Like the rest of the campus, the  entire building is a wireless zone. And, since a cup of coffee or a snack can inject new life into  a long study session, there’s also a bright and cheery café right on the premises.  Legal studies students can also take advantage of courses and lectures offered by an entire  spectrum of University of New Haven research and educational centers. 

Legal Studies Facilities

Facilities Include

Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science

Center for Dispute Resolution

Center for Forensic Psychology

Center for Cyber Law and Crime

Institute for Law and Public Affairs

Institute for Social Justice

Center for Crime Victims’ Rights


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