Maria Zyla '16

History allows me to understand my ancestors and why they did the things they did. It’s all about identifying yourself with a certain culture and understanding that connection on an internal and global level. I’m gaining the knowledge that will allow me to help people understand why we are the way we are and how we came to be.


Kyle Saggio '15

Kyle is majoring in history with a concentration in education. He hopes to one day teach high school history classes. After finishing his undergraduate degree in history he plans to take part in the 4+1 teaching program offered by the University of New Haven and received his master's degree in teaching. 


Zachary Carroll '15

Pursuing the history discipline has strengthened my ability to express my views and findings more concisely, while incorporating and appreciating a number of perspectives. My ideal job after school would be in politics. I hope to be a member of Congress after a few years of being a practicing attorney. 

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