Graduate Admissions Requirements (International)

Admissions Requirements for International Applicants Seeking a Master's Degree:

  • Submit a complete Online Application for International Graduate Students.

  • A. Applicants who have already completed their Bachelor's degree must submit:
    1- Certified official copies of all university/college academic transcripts.
    2- Proof of a bachelor's degree completion from an accredited university or college.
    This includes mark sheets, academic transcripts, grade reports, final examination results, diplomas, and degree certificates from every college or university attended showing dates attended, course titles, grades obtained, credit hours if any, and the conferral of a bachelor's degree.
    3- An explanation of your university/college grading system must also be provided along with your transcripts. Many foreign universities issue transcripts with a clear explanation of their grading system on the back or on the last page of the transcript.

    B. Applicants who have completed the first term of their final year but have not yet received their final Bachelor's degree certificate/diploma may still apply by providing their year-to-date certified official mark sheets or academic transcripts and a letter (or a provisional degree certificate) from their college/university stating their anticipated graduation date. In other words, evidence that the applicant has completed, or is in the process of completing, a university-level bachelor's degree program must be provided.  Transcripts showing 6 semesters only will not be processed.  Transcripts must show at least 7 semesters of academic course work in order for a file to be reviewed.

    - Indian applicants must submit detailed semester-by-semester mark sheets/academic transcripts.  CONSOLIDATED mark sheets alone are not acceptable.

    - The University of New Haven only accepts 3-year bachelor degrees from India if they have an "A", "A+" or a "Five Star" rating by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).  Students must have also graduated in the 1st or 2nd division.  A proof of the university or college NAAC rating must be provided along with the applicant's transcripts.  This applies to the following 3-year-bachelor degrees : the B. Com 3-year degree , the B.Sc 3-year degree , and the B.B.A. 3-year degree. Indian applicants with 3-year degrees may submit an additional year of a Master's degree or a one year Post Graduate Diploma from a recognized university in order to be considered for admissions.

    -Chinese applicants are strongly encouraged to verify their transcripts by China Qualifications Verification agency CDGDC and submit their verifications along with their transcripts.

  • Submit word-for-word certified or attested English translations in the same format as the official document if the official document is not in English. It is important that everything on the official document be translated. Translations must be done by a bona fide translating agency in your country or in the U.S.

  • We highly recommend you submit an official evaluation of foreign academic credentials -also known as a course-by-course credential evaluation-for all your university-level academic work done outside the United States.  This evaluation will help us in processing your application quickly and in determining proper course waivers. Please contact one the following professional credential evaluation agencies and request a comprehensive course-by course with GPA evaluation for all your academic transcripts:
    - The World Education Services or
    - The Educational Credential Evaluators or
    - SpanTran Education Services
    - One Earth International Credential Evaluations

    Applicants from Nigeria and Ghana must submit an official course- by-course evaluation along with their transcripts. Please contact one of the above professional credential evaluation agencies and request a comprehensive course-by course evaluation for your transcripts.

  • Submit two letters of recommendation in English. These letters must come from professors or employers who can attest to your attainments and potential for success at the graduate level. No special format is required. However, you may ask your 2 recommendors to complete our Graduate School Online Letter of Recommendation Form .

  • Submit a resume or C.V. reflecting your work experience (if applicable). However, students with no work experience can still apply.

  • As of the Fall 2013 term, all non-native English language speakers must demonstrate English language competency by providing a minimum Pearson (PTE) score of 53, a minimum TOEFL score of 80 on the internet based test (iBT), or a minimum IELTS score of 6.5. The University of New Haven School Code for TOEFL is 3663.

    • Completion of the ELS Certificate of Level 112-EAP Program-is also accepted in lieu of either the TOEFL or IELTS for most -but not all- graduate majors. For more information on ELS-New Haven, please go to

    • Please note that the M.S. program in Human Nutrition-Nutritional Genomics, the M.S. program in Cellular and Molecular Biology, M.S. program in Health Care Administration and the Ph.D. program in Criminal Justice do notaccept the EAP-ELS Level 112 certificate or any other English as a Second Language (ESL) certificate. Please see the additional requirement section below for details.

    • Exception: The minimum PTE score will remain at 50, the minimum TOEFL score will remain at 75 IBT, and the minimum IELTS score will remain at 6.0 for the following graduate-master's level-engineering degrees ONLY:
    • M.S. Computer Engineering
    • M.S. Electrical Engineering
    • M.S. Engineering and Operations Management
    • M.S. Environmental Engineering
    • M.S. Industrial Engineering
    • M.S. Mechanical Engineering
    • M.S. Cyber Systems
  • Complete and submit the Financial Statement for International Students Form (FSIS) accompanied by an original bank statement from your sponsor showing adequate funds. The bank statement must be in English, signed by a bank official and dated within six months of the intended term of admission at UNH. To download the FSIS form, click here.
  • Submit a clear copy of your passport information page with your complete name, date of birth, country of birth and country of citizenship.

  • Applicants who are currently residing in the U.S. must submit clear copies of their U.S. visa stamp, I-94 card, I-20 (if any), I-797 (if any) and all other immigration documents.

The following majors have additional requirements for admission:

A) Mechanical Engineering (M.S.), Electrical Engineering (M.S.), Computer Science (M.S), Cyber Systems (M.S.) and Forensic Science- Criminalistics (M.S.) International applicants are urged to submit scores from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) to be considered for admission. GRE scores are required for International applicants who wish to be considered for available scholarships. The GRE is optional for graduates of regionally accredited United States colleges and universities.

B) MBA, Sport Management (MS) and the dual degrees in MBA/MPA and MBA/MSIE applicants must submit:

  • Undergraduate GPA for 3.3 or better 
  • GMAT of 400 or higher or a GRE in top 50% percentile
  • Important note: Your application will remain incomplete and you will not be given an admission decision until you have submitted your GMAT or GRE score report to the International Graduate Admissions office. Applicants can request a waiver of the GMAT exam if they meet one of the following criteria:
    1. An advanced degree (e.g., masters or higher) or a Professional License (CPA, MD, JD), or
    2. An undergraduate grade point average of 3.3 or higher from a regionally accredited institution or equivalent, or
    3. Proof of a minimum of 5 years of continuous professional, administrative, or business experience with demonstrated progression in scope of control and authority

C) Human Nutrition-Nutritional Genomics applicants must meet the following criteria at the time of application:

  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of "B" or better (3.0 out of 4.0).
  • Completion of 3 credits of Biochemistry with a minimum grade of “B” or better.
  • Completion of 4 credits in Anatomy and Physiology with a minimum grade of "B" or better.
  • Minimum IBT TOEFL score of 80, minimum PTE score of 53, or a minimum IELTS score of 6.5. The EAP-ELS level 112 certificate and other English as a Second Language (ESL) certificates are not accepted for Human Nutrition-Nutritional Genomics.
  • Applicants who wish to become Registered Dietitians, must submit an International Credential Evaluation along with their foreign transcripts . Please click on this link provided by the American Dietetic Association for more details.

D) Cellular and Molecular Biology applicants must meet the following criteria at the time of application:

  • Minimum undergraduate GPA of "B+" or better (3.3 out of 4.0).
  • Minimum IBT TOEFL score of 80, a minimum PTE score of 55, or a minimum IELTS score of 6.5. The EAP-ELS level 112 certificate and other English as a Second Language (ESL) certificates are not accepted for Cellular and Molecular Biology.
  • GRE test scores are required.
  • Applicants who do not meet the minimum requirements may be asked to participate in a Skype interview.

E) Ph.D. in Criminal Justice applicants must meet the following criteria at the time of application:

  •  A minimum GPA of "B+" (or 3.5 out of 4) for the final two years of undergraduate study, or a 3.5 GPA for all masters level coursework.
  • A minimum GRE total score of 300.
  • Three letters of recommendation.
  • An academic or other professional writing sample.
  • A 500 word personal statement describing the student's background, goals, and reasons for pursuing the Ph.D. degree at UNH.
  • A minimum IBT TOEFL score of 100, PTE score of 68, or 7.5 on the  IELTS test.
  • No conditional admission will be given for this degree.
  • ELS level 112 certificates will not be accepted for the Ph.D. program in Criminal Justice. 

F) Healthcare Administration applicants MUST submit the following criteria at the time of application.

  •  A Statement of Purpose
  • A minimum IBT TOEFL score of 80, PTE score of 53, or 6.5 on the IELTS. 
  • ELS level 112 certificates will not be accepted for this program. 

H) Community Psychology applicants MUST submit one of the following before being considered for admission:

  • A minimum Pearson (PTE) score of 53, a minimum TOEFL score of 80 on the internet based test (iBT), or a minimum IELTS score of 6.5. 

Application Deadlines for International Students:
You can view a list of program deadlines here. Please be aware that any applications received after the deadlines will automatically be deferred to the next available term.

Sending Your Documents By Mail :

Once you complete the submission of your online application, please mail all the above-mentioned documents (items 2-10) to the address below. We recommend you use a special courier such as FEDEX, DHL, or UPS:

Our mailing address is:
University of New Haven
Office of International Graduate Admissions
Echlin Hall-Room 210
300 Boston Post Road
West Haven, CT  06516

Important Note: we do not accept any scanned, emailed or faxed copies of transcripts, recommendation letters or any other required academic or financial documents. All documents must be submitted by mail. 

Application Processing Time
Application processing time is typically 10 weeks from the date your file becomes complete. Processing time may be extended if certain required academic or financial documents are missing. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you send us all of the above required documents in one package/envelope to avoid any unnecessary delays.