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Information for Faculty & Inventors

What You Need to Know If You Have an Intellectual Asset with Potential

UNH is supportive of its faculty and staff in their development of intellectual property and the exploitation of those ideas that show promise for commercialization.

Guidelines and Policies

The Process

The technology transfer process ideally begins with a discussion between the technology transfer team and a faculty member interested in exploring the commercial possibilities of their intellectual assets.  When appropriate, select intellectual assets with distinct (potential) commercial value are identified, an invention disclosure form is submitted and a rigorous commercial assessment is performed.  If justified, a commercial strategy is then developed.  Prior to implementation, UNH administration reviews the assessment and commercial strategy to determine if the project meets the threshold for further university investment.  In the event this threshold is met, the commercial strategy is then implemented.  If the threshold is not met, the opportunity is either ‘returned’ to the inventor or ‘parked’ for further research and re-assessment at a later date. Click here for the key steps in the technology transfer process.

Roles and Responsibilities

Successful technology transfer depends on UNH administration, TTP personnel and inventors fulfilling certain Roles and Responsibilities. Click here for more detail.

Guidelines for Faculty Consulting with Private Companies

Consulting by UNH researchers with corporate firms can be a win-win situation, provided the activity is undertaken with care and attention to the consultant's existing commitments to UNH and his or her obligation to abide by UNH policies and procedures.  Click here for guidelines.

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