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Honors Thesis

In their senior year, students research and write an Honors Thesis on a topic in their major discipline under the guidance of a faculty member in the major department. The Honors Thesis is a substantial project that may be empirical, creative, critical, or analytical. It may also embody critical analysis of the results of experiments undertaken by the student. The Honors Thesis is a capstone experience that helps honors students focus their interests, gain perspective in their major field of study, develop basic scholarly skills, nurture their creativity, and synthesize their educational experiences to date.

Students can find the forms and guidelines for the Honors Thesis in the Student Resources section of this website.

2015-2016 Honors Thesis
Name Title of Thesis Thesis Advisor
Alyssa Berthiaume
Analyzing Common Mutations of Galactose-1-Phosphate Uridylytransferase Charles Vigue
 Matthew Fowler The Decline in the Value of Music in the 21st Century Guillermo Mager
Anastasia Frace
Evaluation of the Efficacy of Parasite Prevention Measures in Three Ruminants at the Leigh Valley Zoo Donna Rhoads-Frost
 Rebecca Long Law Enforcement Use of Body-Worn Cameras and the Effect on Use of Force  Daniel Maxwell
Jenna Rabadi
Fabrication of Photo-Deformable Polypeptide Nanospheres for Drug Delivery Dequan Xiao
Paul Taylor Temporal Regularities in Crime, and Crime Race Generalizability from Small Locales Jonathan Kringen
Derek Troxler Designing Inhibitors to Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptors for the Therapy of Breast Cancers Dequan Xiao