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Honors Thesis

In their senior year, students research and write an Honors Thesis on a topic in their major discipline under the guidance of a faculty member in the major department. The Honors Thesis is a substantial project that may be empirical, creative, critical, or analytical. It may also embody critical analysis of the results of experiments undertaken by the student. The Honors Thesis is a capstone experience that helps honors students focus their interests, gain perspective in their major field of study, develop basic scholarly skills, nurture their creativity, and synthesize their educational experiences to date.

Students can find the forms and guidelines for the Honors Thesis in the Student Resources section of this website.

2014-2015 Honors Thesis
Name Title of Thesis Thesis Advisor
Anastasja Abraham Militarization of Police Dan Maxwell
Hannah Allen Packaging Selection as a Sustainable Business Strategy Jon Aktas
Avery Appleton Obliteration of Sharp Force Trauma Artefact by High Particulate Water Wash R. Christopher O'Brien
Devin Bertrand NHL Expansion in Las Vegas: Success or Failure? Kimberly Mahoney
Christine Bower Handwriting Analysis in a Second Language Timothy Palmbach
Leann Boisvert Incorporating Graphic Novels into a Secondary Language Arts Classroom Diane Russo
Hayley Bryden Human Interactions with Light: How Light Can Impact a Classroom Environment Jesse Peck
Jacquelyn Budlowski Effects of Sports Pressures on the University of New Haven Female Athletes Rosa Mo
Stefanie Bunyea The Organic Synthesis, Characterization and Functional Testing of Leveler Compounds Eddie Luzik
Matthew Ciarletto Free Response Interactive Dialog Engine: A System for Allowing Unrestricted Natural Language Input in Video Game Dialog Christopher Martinez
Sara Dampf Recovery of Trace Evidence by Use of Peelable Films Howard Harris
Joanna Dobson Identifying and Isolating Metallothioneins in Parhyale hawaiensis Using Bioinformatics and Molecular Techniques Melanie Eldridge
Michelle Duda A synthetic study of the effect of college loan and debt on students' success aided by multivariate regression models Meng Xu
Ryan Geonzon The Hunger Games and Mass Media Culture Mary Isbell
Ashley Gomez Genocides of the Twentieth and Twentieth-First Centuries Michael Clark
Dylan Haenel Antimicrobial Effects of Cannabidiol and lactoferrin Borrelia burfdorferi Eva Sapi
Heather Hill Characterizing Marijuana Samples using Methyl Ethers of Minor Cannabinoids Howard Harris
Jessica Imperato Detection of Mutations Causing Prader-Willi Syndrome Charles Vigue
Caitlin Izzo Analysis of drugs in thin films using Surface Adhanced Raman Spectroscopy to evaluate their detection in lantent fingerprint residues Brook Kammrath
Elizabeth Jaikes An analysis of regression and classification models in predicting likelihood of bankruptcy Armando Rodriguez
Clarris Jilan An Evaluation of Total Akt2 Levels in Diabetic Rodents Rosemary Whelan
Britta Johnson An Analysis of Connecticut Crime Clearance Rates as they relate to Victim Race David Schroeder
Lauren Kircher Effects of serotonin reuptake inhibition on coloration, shoaling, and antipredator behavior in Danio rerio John Kelly
Kaitlynn Kofsuske Detection of Estrogenic Compounds in the Quinnipiac River Melanie Eldridge
Jean-Paul Simjouw
Heather Konish Grey Margaret Savilonis
Alexandra Krinickas Detection and Quantification of Neurotransmitters in Urine Using HPLC Pauline Schwartz
Jennifer Lee The effects of oleuropein on SKBR3 cell viability and  activation of apoptotic proteins Rosemary Whelan
Christina Luca An Analysis of Homeless Support Programs Kento Yasuhara
Andrea Meyers Detecting KCI Poisoning in the Intravenous Equipment Used in Homicide Cases Committed by Nurses Tim Palmbach
Kathy Morales Identification of Date Rape Drugs in Alcoholic Beverage Residues Using Portable Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy Virginia Maxwell
Maegan Moran College Students' Attitudes Toward Sexual Violence and Coercion Maria Tcherni
Danielle Morgan The Effect of Weight Bias and Gender on Jury Decision Making in a Spousal Homicide Case Kendell Coker
Erin Murphy Balancing the Legal Rights of Victims of Violent Crimes vs. the Rights of the Accused Donna Morris
Jessica Norstog Metabolic costs associated with transfer to hyperosmotic conditions in Apeltes quadracus John Kelly
Kaitlin O'Boyle The effects of the UBXN1 gene on the NFκB pathway Melanie Eldridge
Samantha Oden Examining Public Opinion on Correctional Programs and Rehabilitation Mirlinda Ndrecka
Samantha Ogden Comparison between Diatoms in Various Salt Water and Fresh Water Sources Timothy Palmbach
Amy Osborne Investigations in the Heavy Metal Content of Chinese and American Teas Michael Saliby
Danielle Perry Marsh macroalgal dynamics and their relationship to Spartina alterniflora and Geukensia demissa populations in the Banca Marsh, Branford, Connecticut Roman Zajac
Martha Petzoldt The Viability of Seed from Trees of the Genus Acer for Biofuels Eddie Luzik
Catherine Pin The Effect of the Olive Oil Phenol Oleuropein on Lactate Dehydrogenase A Activity Rosemary Whelan
Allison Ponte Exploring Gender Difference in the Decision to Pursue a Policing Career Anne Kringen
Jeffrey Regester An Implementable Model of Restorative Justice in Response to Bullying in Connecticut Middle Schools Donna Morris
Brandon Reyes Effects of Ethanol on Morphine Glucuronidation Robert Powers
Cristal Reyes An Island Divided: The Historical, Political and Environmental Factors behind anti-Haitian Discrimination in the Dominican Republic April Yoder
Sierra Rocco Genetic Variation of Crepidula fornicata in Long Island Sound Charles Vigue
Kate Saccone Determining the "Greenness" of UNH Laboratory Experiments Nancy Savage
Matthew Salisbury Criminal Justice Students' Knowledge and Awareness of Common Stressors in Policing Kento Yashuhara
Christina Santos Exploiting Einstein's Patent for Solar Absorption Air-Conditioning Ravi Gorthala
Alex Schilling Detection of Near Infrared Emissions of Controlled Substances Using IR Photography Pete Massey
Walter Shunalula A comparison of the effect of humpback whale inspired "tubercles" on a propeller Maria-Isabel Carnasciali
Katerina Sperl Disillusioned in the Jazz Age: The Late Writings of F. Scott Fitzgerald Diane Russo
Amanda Spiewak The Potential use of Phytolacca americana for Phytoremediation Eddie Luzik
Erika Vargas Theater: Intention vs. Reception Jessica Brater
Emily Walsh The Detection of Malicious Contaminants in Flour-based Food Products Using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) Virginia Maxwell
Ivy Watts Peer Influence on Food Choice: A Racial Phenomenon Jeff Debies-Carl
Brittany Wienclaw Assessment of the anti-proliferative effects of the olive oil metabolite hydroxytyrosol on SK-BR-3 breast cancer cells Rosemary Whelan
Denise Williams The Lifespan Characterization of Fast Blue Salt REagents and Their Interaction with Silica Nancy Savage
Alissa Wynne  Detection of DNA Methylation in the Gamma-Hemoglobin Gene Using Restriction Endonucleases Charles Vigue
Scott Zagorski The Effects of Extracurricular Involvement on Self-Efficacy in College Students Amanda Bozack