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Honors Thesis

In their senior year, students research and write an Honors Thesis on a topic in their major discipline under the guidance of a faculty member in the major department. The Honors Thesis is a substantial project that may be empirical, creative, critical, or analytical. It may also embody critical analysis of the results of experiments undertaken by the student. The Honors Thesis is a capstone experience that helps honors students focus their interests, gain perspective in their major field of study, develop basic scholarly skills, nurture their creativity, and synthesize their educational experiences to date.

Students can find the forms and guidelines for the Honors Thesis in the Student Resources section of this website.

2016-2017 Honors Thesis
Name Title of Thesis Thesis Advisor
Isabelle Allen A Qualitative Analysis of Sexual Assault Resources in the Military Anne Kringen
Lauren Balestrieri Greed: The Commission of Financial Crime Patrick Malloy 
Stephanie Baringer Investigation of Neuronal Structure in Familial Alzheimer's Disease Mouse Model Severina Haddad
Christine Battle  The Behavior of Blood in Fabric (with Special Attention to Behavior in Military Uniforms) Peter Valentin
Margaret Blum The Perception of Enhanced Interview Techniques from Different Generations in Relevance to Eliciting Information for Terrorist Attacks or Convictions Patrick Malloy
Shakoyah Brown Breathing with NO Air: Black Orality and the Music Industry during Protest Music Patrick Rivers
Sarah Burzin Stereotype Threat: Women's Inferior Spatial Reasoning Moderated by Benevolent Sexism Amy Baker
Brandyn Cesan The Effects Misinformation has On Creating False Memories that Could Change Behavior Charles Morgan III
Cassandra Charles The Impacts of Environmental Psychology within a Residential Space Hollis Sutherland
John Coddaire A Comparison of Digital and Analog Audio: Can the Listener Really Tell the Difference, and Is the One Better than the Other? Roger Arnold
Danielle Coloma Disney and South America; How The Three Caballeros Strengthened Pan-Americanism After World War II April Yoder
Courtney Crossgrove The Effects of a Meat Based Diet Versus Plant Based Diet on the Environment Rosa Mo
Krystina Diaz Predictors of Success in Special Operations Selection Charles Morgan III
Jordan Ditullio Who are Lone Wolf Terrorists? An Assessment of Lone Wolf Terrorism in the United States Vesna Markovic
Shirley Duong Effects of School Racial Composition on Racial Bias in Children Patrick McGrady
Timothy Earley DNA Methylation as a Possible Control for Morphological Form in a Ulva compressa Amy Carlile
Isabelle Ferraro Understanding Civil RICO and Application of Civil RICO to Marijuana Growers Donna Decker Morris 
Sara Graceffo Use of Exosomes to Deliver Doxorubicin to Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cells Christina Zito
Cassidy Haigh  Assessing Police Perceptions of Mental Illness Anne Kringen
Gabrielle Hartley A Comparative Analysis of Commercially Available Protein and Peroxidase Stains for the Detection of Blood and Their Effect on the Persistence of DNA on Laundered Clothing Claire Glynn
Keelin Herbst Perceptions of Criminal Justice Practitioners on Collateral Consequences and Their Impact on Ex-Offender Reentry Mirlinda Ndrecka
Mark Herde Gravitization of Quantum Mechanics to Explain Wave Function Collapse Nikodem Poplawski
Jennifer Hewitt Identification of DNA Methylation in the Gamma-Hemoglobin Gene via Restriction Enzymes Charles Vigue
James Hoey Characterization of Wind Turbine on Top of Buckman Hall Maria-Isabel Carnasciali
Es-Pranza Humphrey The African America (Black American) Diaspora to France during the Harlem Renaissance April Yoder
Sean Kingsepp Who is the Most Beloved Modern Yankee? An Analysis on Ticket Process and the Secondary Market Brian Marks
Sharissa Lakhicharran Why Hasn't the United States Switched to IFRS? Mary Miller
Nadine Lebek Comparative Analysis of Commercially Available Chemiluminescent Products for the Enhancement of Dilute Blood on Substrates Exposed to Fire Conditions Claire Glynn
Courtney Lussier Determining Concentration of Various Alcohols, Through Manipulation of the Michaelis Menten  Robert H. Powers
Valerie Luutran Forensic Interviews of Sexual Assault Victims Peter Massey
Angela Matijczak The Effect of College Generational Status on Levels of Family Stress Melissa Whitson
Sean McDermott Self-assembly of Polymeric Nano-spheres Based on Polypeptides for the Drug Delivery
Dequan Xiao
Nicholas Meyerson Associations between Indices of Personal Cost and Reward, Moral Disengagement, and Race on Self-Reported Juvenile Offending Kendell Coker
Samantha Moul The Influence on Discrimination on Well Being and Identity Management in Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Individuals Patrick McGrady
Rachel Morro Public Defender Clients' Ratings and Rankings of Lawyering Skills Anne Kringen
Alyssa Nielsen Ion-selective Electrodes to Determine Total Calcium in Whole Cow Blood Virginia Maxwell
Virginia Paino Terrorism Post- 9/11: How Much has Changed? Charles Morgan III
Maria Panepinto Detection of Organic Remains Dissolved in Nitric Acid R. Christopher O'Brien
Dallas Passerine Police Analysis of Connecticut's Animal Cruelty Legislation Donna Decker Morris
Alyson Rairan The Use of siRNA's to inhibit Gene Expression and Cell Division in HER2 Positive Breast Cancer
Christina Zito
John Renner Design and Evaluation of an Interactive Digital Music Instrument Simon Hutchinson
Dylan Ritter 2-Phase Fluid Separation Analysis: Effervescent Oxygen Entrapped in Water Maria-Isabel Carnasciali
Carol Simpson The Touring Life: The Effects of a Stressful Environment on Musicians Meryl Sole
Alec Smith Theme and Variations: Sound Design for Jennifer Haley's The Nether Roger Arnold
Kelsey Smith Equivocal Death Analysis: The Prevalence of Equivocal Death in  Investigations Peter Massey
Irene Sogotis Analyzing Personality Profiles of Terrorist Groups to Diagnosticate Extremist Tendencies Jibey Asthappan
Megan Soller Is Each Attack Carried Out by the Islamic State Causing More Fatalities? Vesna Markovic
Alexis Thornton The Use of Antioxidants in Conjunction with Cellular Damage Caused by Reactive Oxygen Species Ali Senejani
Teri Tozzi Effect of Ethanol on GHB Dehydrogenase Robert H. Powers
Emily  Weschler The Effects of Hemoglobin Deficiency of Forensic Presumptive Blood Testing and Chemiluminescent Testing Peter Massey