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Student Resources

Below you will find important forms and guidelines.

Student Guide to the Honors Program

  • This guide contains basic information about the Honors Program.

Honors Course Option Guidelines

  • A Junior can use this procedure to convert a regular course into an Honors course if graduation requirements prevent the student from registering for an Honors course. 

Senior Profile Questionnaire

  • This questionnaire will be used to collect graduating senior responses which will be included in a printed profile created for the current academic year. 

Guidelines for the Written Honors Thesis and Presentation

  • This document contains guidelines regarding the length and format of the written thesis as well as procedures for the thesis presentation.
Honors Thesis Advisor Selection Form 
  • Juniors must notify the Honors Program of their Honors thesis advisor by the end of their junior year by completing this form. 

Honors Thesis Proposal Form

  • The Honors Thesis Proposal Form should be completed in consultation with the Honors Thesis advisor near the beginning of the research process.  

Application for Honors Thesis Support

  • Students should submit the Application for Honors Thesis Support in order to be considered for modest financial support for Honors Thesis research. 

Honors Thesis Progress Report

  • The Honors Thesis Progress Report should be submitted to the Honors Thesis advisor, who will then forward it, with comments, to the Honors Program Director.

Honors Thesis Title Page

  • This is the template for the Honors Thesis title page.

Honors Thesis Library Submission Form

  • Students who wish their Honors Thesis to be added to the UNH Library's permanent collection should submit this form.

Library Research for Honors Thesis Writers

  • Follow this link for research strategies and an in-depth guide to library resources.