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For Instructors

We understand that between teaching, class administration, preparation, research, and writing, your time is highly valued.  Helping students is clearly a priority, but what  happens  when your concern for a student is beyond what you are able to tackle yourself?  Starfish provides a simple and convenient way for you to report your concerns to appropriate individuals on campus while keeping you engaged in the process.

How can Starfish help you?

  • Course Rosters: View all of your course rosters in one convenient system complete with contact  and general information to better know the students in your class. 
  • Kudos: Faculty can create "Kudos" for students throughout the semester to acknowledge their success as a student. You can inform a students of "Outstanding Academic Performance" or that they are "Showing Improvement" in your class.
  • Flags: Faculty can raise a "flag"  to alert students and relevant members of the student's Success Network that they are concerned.  When a "flag" is raised concerning academic performance, attendance,  and social or emotional concerns, students and their support network will be notified immediately about your concerns.  This is an effort to increase communication among faculty, students and staff members across campus.
  • Student Success Network:  View your student's individual support network including advisers and staff members.  You can make direct referrals for students to individuals dedicated to supporting your students.
    • Close the Loop: After a flag has been raised for a student, members of the Success Network can clear the flag and "close the loop" informing you that the student has been reached and the concern has been alleviated.