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Student Advisory Committee

 The First-Year Success Center (FYSC) is pleased to announce the creation of a Student Advisory Committee. The mission of the Student Advisory Committee is to provide a student voice in assisting the FYSC consider strategies for improving the quality of our support services to the community, as well as promote awareness of these services on campus.



  1. Goals

    The goals of the Student Advisory Committee include:
    • Providing feedback on existing services
    • Suggesting changes and additions to FYSC programming
    • ¬†Assisting with outreach and marketing of FYSC services on campus
    • Generating new ideas and projects for the FYSC
  2. Expectations

    In addition to the overall goals of the FYSC Student Advisory Committee, representatives will be responsible for meeting the following expectations:

    • Attend regularly scheduled meetings (1-3 per semester)
    • Maintain dialogue with committee members outside of meeting (ex: listserv or online discussion board)
    • Attend and provide feedback on existing events (at least 1 per semester)
    • Contribute to the development and execution of new FYSC events and services
  3. Benefits

    Committee members will be afforded the opportunity to affect important changes on campus while furthering their own professional development. The FYSC team will work closely with committee members and look forward to developing strong professional relationships. Meals/and or snacks will also be available to student representatives during regular meeting times.
  4. Apply

    Want to become a part of the team?