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Advising FAQ

What is an academic advisor?

An academic advisor is a faculty member who teaches courses in your chosen field of study and is assigned to you to assist you with your academic program planning. An academic advisor can help you stay on track as you progress toward your degree.  He or she will help you select classes each semester, but can also be a valuable resource for advice about your future.  You can ask your advisor for information on research opportunities, internships, graduate school, and career options.  When you develop a good relationship with your advisor, he or she can serve as a source of guidance, support, and encouragement. 

Who is my academic advisor?

How to locate your academic advisor:

  1. Log into insideUNH portal at
  2. Click the yellow SS icon labeled “SSB” on the top right to access Banner
  3. On the Main Menu, click on the Student tab
  4. On the student tab, go to Student Records
  5. Next, click on View Student Information
  6. Here you will see your General Student Record
  7. You will find the name of your advisor listed as “Primary Advisor”

 If you still have trouble finding out who your advisor is, you can contact the Center for Student Success.

If you are a first-year Criminal Justice major, please visit the Lee College Advising Center in South Campus Hall room 007 for all advising-related questions. 

How do I contact my advisor?

You can search for your advisor using the campus directory or you may be able to locate your advisor’s contact information from your academic department’s website.

How should I prepare for my advising meeting?

You should always go into meetings with your advisor with a plan.  Have an idea what you would like to discuss with your advisor.  You can use the Academic Advising Plan to help guide your meeting or the Course Selection Form for registration time.

Before your registration appointment:

  1. Log in to Degree Audit to see what courses you have left to take at UNH.
  2. Look in Banner to determine course availability.
  3. Create your ideal schedule a few variations to discuss with your advisor.

 Remember to make your appointment for registration each semester and do so EARLY!  If you go with a plan in mind, you will find that you have more time to ask your advisor important questions