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Faculty-Mentored Undergraduate Research

One element of the UNH focus on experiential learning is faculty-mentored undergraduate research. Research is any serious, significant inquiry or investigation that makes an original, intellectual, or creative contribution to a branch of learning. This can include scientific, scholarly, or artistic activities. Research performed under this program is expected to be a major undertaking of time and effort by both student and faculty mentor, with a commitment of several semesters.

Principles into Practice
Students work with a selected faculty mentor through courses on independent study, laboratory research, and/or thesis. The research program concludes with an undergraduate thesis or major presentation as approved by the student's research department. Undergraduate research provides an excellent structure for the interaction of a mentor with a student and an important opportunity to put into practice the principles of experiential education.

"Research is an opportunity to boldly go where no one has gone before. I have found that researching with students provides an opportunity to increase awareness of the importance of their classroom endeavors. Once students have participated in research in their area of interest, they appreciate what they are learning in the classroom all the more."
Dr. Pauline Schwartz
Associate Professor, Chemistry

"Why are cooperative education and internship experience important? Simply put, they are a super value, adding experience to any major. Co-op education and internship experience help to solidify the academics by connecting theory to practice while broadening the student's knowledge and sharpening his or her decision-making skills." 
Dr. Ali Montazer
Professor, Industrial Engineering