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Fadia Narchet
Professor and Criminal Justice Chair
Henry C. Lee College of Criminal Justice & Forensic Sciences
Criminal Justice
South Campus Hall
Academic Credentials


    Ph.D., Florida International University, 2005
    M.S., Florida International University, 2003
    B.S., Barry University, 2000

    Recently Published Books and Articles

    Narchet, F.M., Meissner, C.A., & Russano, M.B. (2011) Modeling the influence of investigator bias on true and false confession. Law and Human Behavior, 35, 452-456.

    Tamborra, T.L. & Narchet, F.M. (2011). A university sexual misconduct policy: Prioritizing student victim voices. Crime Prevention and Community Safety, 13, 16-33.

    Meissner, C.A., Russano, M.B., & Narchet, F.M. (2010).  The importance of a laboratory science for improving the diagnostic value of confession evidence.  To appear in G.D. Lassiter & C. Meissner's (Eds.)  Interrogations and confessions: Research, practice, and policy.  Washington, DC: APA.
    Russano, M.B., Meissner, C.A., Narchet, F.M. & Kassin, K. (2005). True and false confessions: A novel experimental paradigm. Psychological Science. 16, 481-486.


    Dr. Narchet also serves as Co-Advisor of Alpha Tau, the Criminal Justice Honor Society.