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Wang, Cheng Lu (full)
Cheng (Charlie)
Chair, Professor
Marketing & Quantitative Analysis
Maxcy Hall


    Cheng Lu Wang, Ph.D. (Oklahoma State University), is Professor and Chairman of the Department of Marketing & Quantitative Analysis. He is awarded as the UNH University Research Scholar. His teaching areas include Marketing Strategies, Consumer Behavior and International Marketing. Dr. Wang’s research interests mainly focus on international marketing and consumer behavior, particularly in the area of marketing in China.

    He has published over 50 papers in high quality academic journals, such as Journal of Consumer Psychology, Psychology & Marketing, Journal of Business Research, European Journal of Marketing, International Marketing Review, Industrial Marketing Management and Journal of Business Ethics. One of his papers was received an award certificate (with a plaque) from the publisher (ELSEVIER) for its distinction as among the Top Ten Most Cited Papers published in the Industrial Marketing Management. The paper, entitled “Guanxi vs. Relationship Marketing: Exploring Underlying Differences,” examines the construct equivalence and compares the distinctions between Western relationship marketing and Chinese guanxi concepts. It further discusses managerial implications for international marketers who wish to succeed in the Chinese business market and the importance of adapting Western relationship marketing principles to guanxi marketing.

    Dr. Wang is well-recognized in his expertise in research of Chinese market. He is the editor of the recently published book, the Handbook of Contemporary Marketing in China: Theories and Practices (2010). He is currently editing a second book, Brand Management in Emerging Markets, which is going to be published by IGI Global in 2015. Dr. Wang takes an active role editing China marketing related special issues for several academic journals, such as “consumer behaviors in China” (Journal of Consumer Behavior, 2008), “the Chinese little emperors” ( Young Consumers, 2009), “economic development and consumer marketing in contemporary China” (Journal of Consumer Marketing, 2010), and “industrial marketing in the guanxi context” (Industrial Marketing Management). He is currently editing a special issue of International Marketing Review on Brand Management and Consumer Experience: An Emerging Market Perspective. Dr. Wang is also actively involved in professional and academic communities. He is the editor-in-chief of a new journal: International of Journal Consumer Research, and serves on the editorial board of Industrial Marketing Management, Young Consumers, and Journal of Hospital Marketing and Public Relations.


    Ph.D. - Marketing (Major)/International Business (Minor) - Oklahoma State University
    Ed.S. - Educational Psychology - University of Georgia
    M.A. - Psychological Counseling - Southeast Missouri State University


    University Research Scholar Award, University of New Haven 2010-2013, 2014-2016

    Top 10 Most Cited Articles Award (2010) for paper published in the Industrial Marketing Management (Impact factor 1.333) between 2005 and 2009.

    2010 Outstanding Reviewer Award for work on Young Consumers by Emerald Group Publishing Limited

    2010 Second place award for paper presented at 2010 Annual Conference of China Association of Universities, at Nanjin, China, July 23-25, 2010.

    2009 Second place award (no first place award) for paper presented at 2009 Annual Conference of China Association of Universities, at Gulin, China, July 25-28, 2009 –

    2010-2011 Summer Research Fellowship, University of New Haven

    2009-2010 Summer Research Fellowship, University of New Haven

    2008-2009 Summer Research Fellowship, University of New Haven

    2007-2008 Summer Research Fellowship, University of New Haven

    2006-2007 Summer Research Fellowship, University of New Haven

    2003-2004 Summer Research Fellowship, University of New Haven

    2002-2003 Summer Research Fellowship, University of New Haven

    2009-2010 Faculty Research Funds ($2,000), University of New Haven

    2008-2009 Faculty Research Funds ($2,000), University of New Haven

    2006-2007 Faculty Research Funds ($2,000), University of New Haven

    2003-2004 Faculty Research Funds ($1,750), University of New Haven

Academic Credentials

    Selected Publications

    Wang, Cheng L., Shi, Yizheng, Barnes, Bradley (2014), The Role of Satisfaction, Trust and Contractual Obligation on Long-Term Orientation among Chinese and Western Managers, Journal of Business Research, (accepted), 5-year Impact Factor=2.473

    Wu, Ruijuan and Wang, Cheng L. (2013), The effect friendliness of internet stores on consumer pleasure and arousal, Contemporary Finance & Economics, 11, 66-76.

    Wang, Cheng L. and Chung, Henry (2013), The Moderating Role of Managerial Ties in Market Orientation and Innovation: An Asian Perspective, Journal of Business Research, 66, 2431–2437, 5-year Impact Factor=2.576

    Zhang, Hao, Sun Xinbo and Wang, Cheng L. (2013), The effects of customer fashion lifestyle on customer loyalty, Journal of Northeastern University, 34 (4), 452-456.

    Wang, Cheng L., Li, Dongjin, Barns, B. and  Anh, J . (2012), Country Image, Product Image and Consumer Purchase Intention: Evidence from an Emerging Economy, International Business Review, 29 (1), 54-87. Impact Factor= 1.489, 5-year IF=2.165

    Chung, Henry and Cheng L. Wang (2012). “A Contingency Approach to International Marketing Strategy and Decision-making Structure among Exporting Firms”, International Marketing Review, 29 (1), 54-87.  Impact factor =1.164

    Yang, Z. and Wang, Cheng L. (2011), Guanxi as a governance mechanism in business markets: Its characteristics, relevant theories, and future research directions, Industrial Marketing Management, 40 (4), 492-495. Impact factor=1.694, 5-year IF=2.780

    Katawetawaraks, C. and Cheng L. Wang (2011), Online Shopper Behavior: Influences of Online Shopping Decision, Asian Journal of Business, 1 (2), 66-74. – Coauthored with a MBA student

    Yen, Dorothy A., Barns, Bradley R., Wang, Cheng Lu (2011), “The measurement of guanxi: Introducing the GRX scale”, Industrial Marketing Management 40, 97–108. Impact factor=1.694, 5-year IF=2.780

    Wang, Cheng Lu, Dongjin Li, Guoqun Fu (2010), Economic development and consumer marketing in contemporary China, Journal of Consumer Marketing, 27 (7).

    Lin, Xiaohua and Cheng L.Wang, (2010), The Heterogeneity of Chinese Consumer Values: A Dual Structure Explanation, Cross-Cultural Management: An International Journal, 17 (3), 244-256.

    Wang, Cheng L. and Xiaohua Lin (2010), Migration of Chinese Consumption Values: Traditions, Modernization, and Cultural Renaissance, Journal of Business Ethics, 88 (3), 399 – 409. Impact factor: 1.125

    Wang, Cheng L. (2009), “The Chinese Little Emperors: Marketing to Chinese Young Consumers,” Young Consumers, 10 (2), 95-97.

    Wang, Cheng L. and Geng Cui (2008), “Understanding the Rising Chinese Consumer”, Journal of Consumer Behavior, 7 (6), 421-423.

    Wang, Cheng L , Noel Y.M. Siu and Bradley R. Barnes (2008) , “The significance of trust and renqing in the long-term orientation of Chinese business-to-business relationships, Industrial Marketing Management, 37 (7), 819-824. Impact factor: Impact factor=1.694, 5-year IF=2.780

    Lin, Xiaohua and Cheng L. Wang, (Equal Contribution) (2008) “Enforcement and Performance: The Role of Ownership, Legalism and Trust in International Joint Ventures” Journal of World Business, Volume 43 (3), 340-351.Impact factor: Impact factor=1.986, 5-year IF=2.823

    Wang, Cheng L. (2008) “Gender Differences in Responding to Sad Emotional Appeal: A Moderated Mediation Explanation”, Journal of Nonprofit & Public Sector Marketing.  19 (1), 55-70

    Wang, Cheng L. (2008) “Consumer Self-Construal and Marketing Communications: Theory and Implication”, Journal of Global Business Advancement, 1 (4), 433-444.

    Christopher Browe and Cheng L. Wang (2007) “Web-Enabled Product ID System as a Tool in Pharmaceutical Marketing,” International Journal of Pharmaceutical marketing, 1 (3), 226-233. – Coauthored with a MBA student

    Wang, Cheng L. (2007) “Guanxi vs. Relationship Marketing: Exploring Underlying Differences,” Industrial MarketingManagement, 36 (1), 81-86.   – . Impact factor: Impact factor=1.694, 5-year IF=2.780 (received an award certificate with a plaque as the Top Ten most cited paper published since 2007.

    Jiang, Yin and Cheng L. Wang (2006),The Impact of Affect on Service Quality and Satisfaction: The Moderation of Service Contexts”, Journal of Service Marketing, 20 (4/5), 211-218.  

    Wang, Cheng L.,Li Richard Ye,Yue Zhang, and Dat-Dao Nguyen (2005) “Subscription-Based Web Services: What Makes Consumer Pay for Online Content?” Journal of Electronic Commence, 6 (4), 304-311.

    Wang, Cheng L. Xiaohua Lin, Allan K. K. Chan and Yizheng Shi (2005) “Conflict Handling Styles in International Joint Ventures: A Cross-Cultural and Cross-national Comparison,” Management International Review, 45 (1), 3-21.

    Wang, Cheng L. and Zheng X. Chen (2004), “Consumer Ethnocentrism and Willingness to Buy Domestic Products In A Developing Country Setting: Testing Moderating Effects,” Journal of Consumer Marketing, 21 (6), 391-400.

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    Wang, Cheng L. (1996), “The Degree of Standardization: A Contingent Framework for Global Marketing Strategy Development.”  Journal of Global Marketing, 10 (1) 89-107.

Industry Experience

    Professional Experience

    August 2009 -- Chairperson, Department of MMQA

    August 2006 - Professor of Marketing, University of New Haven

    Jan. 2001 July 2006  Associate Professor of Marketing, University of New Haven

    Jan. 2000 - Dec. 2000  Assistant Professor of Marketing, University of Maryland Eastern Shore

    Aug. 1996 - Dec. 1999 Assistant Professor of Marketing, Hong Kong Baptist University

    Aug. 1992 - Jan. 1996  Graduate Teaching Assistant, Oklahoma State University

    Aug. 1989 - May 1991 Graduate Teaching Assistant, University of Georgia

    Aug. 1982 - June 1987 Assistant Lecturer: Shanghai Teacher's University, China 

Curriculum Vitae