Enhanced Learning Communities

Making the Necessary Connections!
Live and learn in Community.

The Enhanced Living Learning Communities (ELCs) are residential programs that incorporate academically-based themes and build community through shared learning and intentional student engagement. Incoming first-year students joining these communities will be intentionally grouped in a residence hall, have shared academic experiences, and participate in co-curricular learning activities with their peers. Students will also have an opportunity to explore their intellectual curiosity, establish a supportive network with faculty and staff across campus. Finally, students will have the opportunity to explore and cultivate the skills needed to succeed within the various majors.

How to Apply

Admittance into the Enhanced Learning Communities at the University of New Haven is limited, and interested students may select their ELC of choice on their housing application.

Students will be notified of their acceptance into the program on a rolling basis.

  • Each ELC has its own unique focus, however, all communities offer a consistent level of intentional opportunities related to students’ majors or interests. By joining an ELC, each first-year student can experience the following:

    • Peer to peer interactions related to your academic journey
    • Enjoy co-curricular opportunities that enhance your academic experience (field trips, service-learning projects, and other fun activities)
    • Live with roommates who have the same major
    • Participate in academic advising with faculty advisor in the residence halls
    • Participate in specialized study groups
    • Intentional connections with our most dynamic faculty, staff, and peer educators
    • Live in a community where you feel connected, welcomed, valued, and included!
  • Having the GLBTQ+ and Allies LLC as an option for firstyear housing was really relieving. Starting college is already overwhelming in and of itself, and trying to find a complete stranger you might feel safe living with adds on a whole other level of stress. This LLC took a lot of that weight off my shoulders because I knew the people I lived with all shared common ground with each other. It was easier to talk to everyone and make friends. We also had an amazing RA that made the LLC feel more like a family than a group of stressed college students. It’s how I met a lot of my friends during my first year here.”

    - Quinn Going

    I like the LLC because a large portion of the forensic science majors are grouped together on one floor. Since we're all together, it's easy to form study groups, considering many of us are in the same classes. I also enjoy the monthly activities put on by the faculty as well as the fact that we get to form a connection with professors that transcends both the teacher/student and adviser/student relationships.

    - Rob Harvey

    The LLC is an amazing tool that I have enjoyed using. I feel that everyone in the LLC has made a bond, kind of like a family. Each of us is willing to help one another if we can. We help each other study a lot because we all understand the course load.

    - Kyle Bulger