Maria-Isabel Carnasciali, Ph.D.

Maria-Isabel Carnasciali Image
Assistant Provost for Assessment & Faculty Development
Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Provost's Office
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
Tagliatela College of Engineering

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

B.S. in Engineering as recommended by the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

About Maria-Isabel

Maria-Isabel Carnasciali joined the University of New Haven Engineering faculty in 2010. Prior to that she was visiting faculty in Mechanical Engineering at the Georgia Tech – Lorraine campus in Metz, France. As a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Enhancement of Teaching & Learning at Georgia Tech – Atlanta campus, she developed skills and interests in engineering education research and program assessment methods.

She received her Ph.D. from Georgia Tech in 2008 specializing in the area of thermal-fluid sciences. While at M.I.T., from where she received her B.S. in Engineering in 2000, she developed a deep belief in the value and impact of undergraduate research. She carries this passion into the classroom and actively seeks to involve students in all aspects of research.

Areas of Expertise and Research

Computational Models in Fluids & Heat Transfer (CFD modeling)

Deceleration Devices

Description: Use of Computational Fluid Dynamics for the Design and Optimization of Deceleration Devices

Wind Turbines

Thermal-Fluid Systems & Sensors (Re-Design for Efficiency & Sustainability)

Engineering Education Research – Understanding the non-traditional engineering student

Professional Memberships

American Physical Society (APS) – Division of Fluid Dynamics

Society of Women Engineers

American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE)


National Science Foundation, "S-STEM: A Scholarship Program to Increase Retention In Engineering (ASPIRE): Improving Work-Study-Life Balance," PI: J. Nocito-Gobel; Co-PIs: M. Carnasciali, C. Martinez, 2012-17.

Kern Foundation (KEEN Topical Grant), "New England Integrating Curricula with Entrepreneurial Content (ICE) Workshop", PI: M. Carnasciali; Co-PI: J. Nocito-Gobel (University of New Haven), D. Carpenter (Lawrence Tech. U.) 2013-14.

Kern Foundation (KEEN Topical Grant), "KEEN Across the Engineering Curriculum Model (KatEC) for the University of New Haven," PI: A. Thompson; Co-PI: M. Carnasciali, 2013-14.

Kern Foundation, "Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network (KEEN) Program Development Grant." Co-PIs: J. Nocito-Gobel, M. Carnasciali, 2011-13.

Pioneer Aerospace, "CFD Analysis of Deceleration Devices and Related Objects," 2011-2013.

University of New Haven Faculty Research & Summer Fellowship awards

2013 – CFD Analysis of Wind Turbine Blade Geometry Continuation

2012 – CFD Analysis of Wind Turbine Blade Geometry

2011 – Study of Aerodynamic Forces using CFD

Selected Publications and Presentations

Carnasciali, M., A. Thompson, and T. Thomas. "Factors Influencing Students’ Choice of Engineering Major," Proceedings, 120th ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Atlanta, GA, June 2013.

Young, J., M-I. Carnasciali, and M. Kandis. "Flow in the Near Wake of Hemispherical Parachute Shapes," American Physical Society, November 2012.

Ciston, S., M.Carnasciali, V. Zelenak, and M. Hollis. "Adult Undergraduate Engineering Student Experience," Proceedings, 119th ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, San Antonio, TX, June 2012.

Schwab, J., J. Andrejczyk, M. Carnasciali, and M. Kandis, "Stability Analysis of a Cylindrical Mortar Cover Ejected at Various Mach Numbers and Angles of Attach," American Physical Society, Nov. 2011.

Ciston, S., M.Carnasciali, J. Nocito-Gobel, and C. Carr. "Impacts of Living Learning Communities on Engineering Student Engagement and Sense of Affiliation," Proceedings, 118th ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition,Vancouver, B.C., June 2011.

Zelenak, V., S. Ciston, M. Hollis, and M.Carnasciali. "What Drives Engineers? A Qualitative Study on the Adult Engineering Student Experience," Presentation, 2011 NE ASEE Conference, May 2011.

Carnasciali M., C. Ou, and T. Utschig. "Investigation of Student Perceptions About Learning in Large Courses Utilizing PRS," SoTL Commons Conference, March 2009 (Statesboro, GA).

Carnasciali M., and T. Utschig, "TA Preparation in Science & Mathematics Service Courses for Engineers at GA Tech.," Presentation, CASEE Dane and Mary Louise Miller Symposium, Oct 2008.

Carnasciali M., "Kinetic Friction of Nonwetting Drops," Georgia Institute of Technology, May 2008.

Carnasciali M., "Frictional Forces Associated With Isothermal Nonwetting," American Physical Society, November 2005.

Carnasciali M., "Determination of Frictional Forces Associated with Nonwetting," American Physical Society, November 2002, Vol.47 No. 103.

Courses Taught

EASC 1107 Introduction to Engineering: Project-Based

EASC 1112 Methods of Engineering Analysis

EASC 2224 Fluid-Thermal Systems

EASC 3000 Global Solutions for Sustainability

SYST 3388 System Engineering Concepts

MECH 4415 Thermo-Fluids Laboratory

MECH 4450/6670 Computational Fluid Dynamics

MECH 6630 Advanced Fluids