Kendell L. Coker, Ph.D., J.D.

Kendell L. Coker, Ph.D., J.D. Image
Adjunct Faculty

Psychology Department
College of Arts and Sciences

J.D., Loyola University Chicago School of Law 2012

Ph.D., Nova Southeastern University (Clinical Psychology; Forensic Psychology Concentration) 2007

M.S., Nova Southeastern University (Clinical Psychology) 2004

B.A., Macalester College (Psychology) 1999

About Kendell

Dr. Coker received his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Forensic Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. He received his clinical postdoctoral training through Northwestern University at the Cook County Juvenile Court Clinic, where he conducted sentencing evaluations on youth involved with the Department of Probation. He then received his J.D. from Loyola University Chicago School of Law, where he graduated with cum laude honors and was an entering Health Law scholarship recipient and also served as the Editor-in-Chief for the law school's Health Law and Policy Review, Annals of Health Law. He served as a council member on the Juvenile Defense Resource Institute at Northwestern University School of Law, which was a project designed to strategize ways to reduce recidivism and improve legal representation of juveniles involved in the criminal justice system. Dr. Coker also was a NIDA T-32 postdoctoral fellow at Yale University Department of Psychiatry's Forensic Drug Diversion Program (FORDD).


"I began teaching because I love having the opportunity to inspire eager minds who come to me to learn. I also believe that although learning can be difficult, it should be fun. I also stay actively involved in my professional field and in projects that help improve people’s lives. I like to think of myself as someone who cares about others, and I want to find ways to promote positive changes that matter."

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Peer Review Articles

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Editorials, Reviews, Chapters, Books

Brooks, J.S., & Coker, K.L. (2016). Overview of the Juvenile Justice System and Best Practices. In T. Masson (ed.), Inside Forensic Psychology (Ch. 12). Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger Publishers.

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Conference Paper Presentations (selected)

Robinson, M., DeLoach, C., Kringen, A., Talley, D., & Coker, K. L. (2015). The Psychological Impact of Police Brutality and Excessive Use of Force on Black Communities. Presentation to the Missouri Advisory Committee for the Commission on Civil Rights.

Amos, B. R., Perry, D., & Coker, K. L. (2011). Applying Cultural Competent Group Interventions to African American and Latino Adolescents in Juvenile Justice Settings. Paper presented at the 119th American Psychological Association (APA) Convention, Washington, DC

Coker, K. L. (2011). Broader Legal Implications of Juvenile Psychopathy Research and Incarceration Racial Disparities among Juvenile Offenders. Paper presented as part of a symposium entitled: Juvenile psychopathy and juvenile punishment: What the psychological literature and the Supreme Court tell us? Presented at the 119th APA Convention, Washington, DC

Coker, K. L., Baute, S., Baca, J., Robinson, M., Ipke, U., Dorsainville, A., & Walker, L. (2005). Born To Be Wild: Bad Girls or Trauma Victims? Paper presented at the 113th APA Conference Symposium, Washington, DC

Conference Poster Presentations (selected)

Houska, J. & Coker, K. L. (2019). Understanding the risk and prevalence of intimate partner homicide: Comparing same-sex and opposite-sex couples. Poster presented at the 127th APA Convention, Chicago, IL

Mills, G., Raskin, S. A., & Coker, K. L. (2019). Associations between head injury and psychiatric disorders in a national sample of adolescents. Poster presented at the 127th APA Convention, Chicago, IL

Ristau, K. I. & Coker, K. L. (2017). Trauma and externalizing disorder correlations in a national sample of American youth. Poster presented at the 125th APA Convention, Washington, D.C.

Benson, V., Meyerson, N., & Coker, K. L. (2017). The effects of violence exposure, moral disengagement, and substance use on self-reported offending: A longitudinal study among serious youthful offenders. Poster presented at the 125th APA Convention, Washington, D.C.

Hicks, H. N. & Coker, K. L. (2017). Code of the Street and cognitive distortions predict moral disengagement. Poster presented at the 125th APA Convention, Washington, D.C.

Hicks, H. N. & Coker, K. L. (2015). Community Violence Exposure (CVE) related to inner-city youth’s moral disengagement and adoption of the Code of the Street. Poster presented at the 123rd APA Convention, Toronto, Canada.

Galligan, M. J., Brigantty, C. A., Kelly, J. C., Singer, T. M., Hoy-Watkins, M., Liljedahl, E. L., Coker, K. L. (2015). Hierarchy of needs and its relation to gang membership. Poster presented at the 123rd APA Convention, Toronto, Canada.

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Chien, J., Coker, K. L., Rausch, F., Siegel, L., & Azeem, M.W. (2013). Competency to Stand Trial Remediation in a Juvenile Population. Poster presented at the 60th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP), Orlando, FL

Howell, N. N., Amos, B. R., & Coker, K. L. (2013). Respect, the Two-Edged Sword: Inner City Youth’s Survival Through Respect. Poster presented at the 121st APA Convention, Honolulu, HI

Malave, M. & Coker, K. L. (2013). Unmet Needs and Moral Disengagement Among Inner City African American Youth. Poster presented at the 121st APA Convention, Honolulu, HI

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Fishgold, A., Ricca, J., Landrum, I., Coker, K. L., Carrio, C., & Walker, L. (2005). Ethnic Differences in Reporting Patterns within a Sample of Female Juvenile Delinquents. Poster presented at the 2005 Florida Psychological Association (FPA) Conference, Palm Beach, FL

Cochran, C. K., Bernstein, M. S., Coker, K. L., Brantley, K.L., & Walker, L. (2003). Psychosocial Characteristics of Detainees at Magistrate Court: A Preliminary Analysis. Poster presented at the 2003 FPA Conference, Hutchinson Island, FL

Research Interests

Juvenile Justice, Racial Disparities in CJ System, Violence

Courses Taught

Forensic Psychology; Law, Psychology, and the Mental Health System; Theories of Violence; Introduction to Psychology; Child and Family Intervention Strategies; Juvenile Justice; Abnormal Psychology; Honors Thesis Advising; I have also taught some of these courses at the University of New Haven campus in Prato, Italy

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