School of Record for CEA

In 2006, University of New Haven President Steven H. Kaplan and CEA CEO Brian Boubek signed an agreement through which the University of New Haven became CEA’s "school of record." Through this partnership, students who complete courses at CEA Study Abroad Centers – located in Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Dublin, Florence, Paris, Prague, Rome, and Seville – earn University of New Haven credits on University of New Haven transcripts.

Criteria for faculty hire, course design and approval, course credit and grading, and student assessment are consistent with those on the University of New Haven campus and with the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (CIHE/NEASC), which approves the School of Record agreement. In addition, a standing University of New Haven committee reviews and approves:

  • all faculty and directors at CEA’s eight Study Abroad Centers;
  • all CEA Study Abroad Center courses taught by CEA staff; and
  • all significant course modifications.

CEA produces a self-study for each Study Abroad Center on a fixed schedule, followed by a rigorous on-site team review conducted by the University of New Haven and utilizing (as of 2011) an external evaluator.

In partnership with CEA Study Abroad Centers in Italy and Spain, the University of New Haven is a member of the Association of American University Programs in Italy (AACUPI) and the Association of North American University Programs in Spain (APUNE).

As of 2015, CEA successfully completed the Quality Improvement Program (QUIP) through the Forum on Education Abroad and were found to be meeting the Standards of Good Practice for Education Abroad. CEA's QUIP recognition highlights their commitment to enhancing academic integrity, improving local operations and international programming, continual compliance, and ongoing evaluation of policies and procedures.

The University of New Haven is proud of its partnership with CEA, and pleased to extend the academic rigor of our West Haven, Connecticut campus to CEA Study Abroad Centers, a special manifestation of University of New Haven’s global reach that benefits all students. For more information about the University of New Haven/CEA partnership and CEA’s study abroad programs, please visit the CEA website.

CEA Study Center Courses

Subject Area Subject Area Code
Accounting ACC
Anthropology ANT
Arabic Language & Literature ARB
Architecture ARC
Art History  ARH
Business  BUS 
Career Development CDV
Catalan Language & Literature  CAT
Chemistry  CHE
Chinese CHN
Classics CLA 
Communication  COM
Computer Sciences CSC
Cultural Studies  CUL 
Czechoslovakian CZE
Economics  ECN
Education EDU 
English Language & Literature  ENG
Engineering EGR
Environmental Science ACC
Fashion Design FAS
Fashion Merchandising FM
Film Studies  FLM
Finance FIN
French Language & Literature FRE
Gender Studies  GEN 
Health HLT 
History HIS 
Independent Study IND 
Interior Design ITD
International Relations  IRS
Internships  INT
Irish Language & Literature IRL
Italian Language & Literature  ITA 
Journalism  JRN 
Latin American Studies LAS
Management MGT
Management Information Systems MIS
Marketing  MKT 
Mass Media MAS
Mathematics MTH
Media Studies  MED 
Music  MUS
Nutrition NTR
Philosophy PHL
Photography PHT
Physics PHY
Political Science POL
Psychology PSY
Public Relations PUB
Religious Studies REL
Service Learning SVL
Sociology SOC
Spanish Language & Literature SPN
Studio Arts SAR
Sustainability SUS
Theology THL