ROTC Living Learning Community

ROTC Living Learning Community

New Students joining the University of New Haven Army ROTC Cadet Corps are asked to make two very difficult and different transitions very quickly.

The first is the transition to life as a college student at the University of New Haven. The second is the transition to a Military Life-style which includes: Daily Physical Training (PT) from 6 am-7 am, and continuous mentorship between Senior Cadets (MS 4) and Junior Cadets (MS 1, 2, 3). The ROTC Living Learning Community facilitates that transition better than ever expected. Students that may have not received an ROTC Scholarship out of High School, are given a second opportunity to compete for an ROTC Scholarship at University of New Haven. The LLC puts Cadets in the ideal position to focus on their academics, and their desired future in service of our Great Nation.

The vast majority of students in the University of New Haven Cadet Corps wish to pursue future careers as Federal Service Agents. The LLC puts like-minded students together to focus and establish lasting relationships that will exist far beyond the University of New Haven.

All Cadets that participate in the LLC are automatic members of the University of New Haven Army ROTC Club. The ROTC Club plans several monthly events in conjunction with the University of New Haven Student Body, and several University departments that include, but are not limited to Forensic Science, Criminal Justice, and Fires Science. This automatic participation with a University Club fosters a positive sense of community that can only be grown through consistent interactions with the entire student body.