Optimize Your Experience

The Competency Learning Experience (CLE) program at the University of New Haven enables students to optimize their experience as students while building skills that are essential for the future. The CLE is designed to instill in all students attributes that employers have identified as essential skills for prospective job seekers.

The Competency Learning Experience

Departments in the Division of Students Affairs focus on creating opportunities for students to develop the skills and competencies employers have indicated they look for in college graduates. Students will be able to identify, demonstrate, and articulate the following:


The ability to motivate, understand, and organize yourself and/or others toward a common goal.


The ability to work collaboratively and efficiently with others to accomplish a common goal.

Critical Thinking

The ability to gather, analyze, and evaluate information, with an awareness of bias, for the purpose of learning, solving problems, and making decisions.

Global and Cultural Awareness

The ability to recognize your personal values, respect those of others, and use this knowledge in everyday activities.


The ability to cope with or overcome challenges and apply the lessons learned to future endeavors.


The ability to convey and receive information through the appropriate usage of verbal and non-verbal means.