Beginner Understanding of Individual Leadership Development (BUILD) Community Program

The Beginner Understanding of Individual Leadership Development (BUILD) Community Program is designed to provide incoming first-year students from underrepresented populations (including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, First Generation, Dream/DACA, Ability, military status, and socio-economic status) an opportunity to begin a relationship with the University’s community and to familiarize themselves with available resources and personnel. The BUILD experience provides students with a supportive and caring learning environment through participation in interactive activities, mentorship, and early connection to curricular and co-curricular resources to meet their intellectual, social, emotional, and cultural needs.

The purpose of the Beginner Understanding of Individual Leadership Development (BUILD) Community Program is to foster and promote academic and social integration to recruit, retain, and advance students from underrepresented populations. The program includes academic enhancement opportunities and mentorship relationships to demonstrate accountability in providing developmentally and socially appropriate connections that reflect a student's diverse needs and concerns.

Goals of the BUILD Community Program:

  • Provide foundational skill building and early intervention for students in their first year of college to integrate first-year students into the University of New Haven's socio-academic environment.
  • Provide resources that reduce social and academic barriers to create a positive sense of belonging in an inclusive community.
  • Empower students through the development of resilience, leadership, and critical thinking through participating in academic and social programming with an emphasis on student wellness & success.

BUILD Community Program - Confirmation of Participation

If you want to become a BUILD mentee, please fill out this form (<2 min) to confirm your participation.

We need you! You can become a mentor and a role model:

We are currently seeking faculty, staff, and alumni to serve as mentors to our incoming students. As educators, our primary goal is to help our students to succeed and become better professionals and human beings. Mentoring enhances confidence, encouragement, and psychosocial support. It provides an opportunity for diverse perspectives and experiences. It is also an ongoing and structured relationship that builds trust and respect.

As a mentor, you become a role model and help our students to develop their leadership skills to serve the communities in the future. This is a great learning and growing opportunity, not only for the students but also for you. Mentors and mentees will be strategically paired based on similar identities, hobbies, and academic and social interests.

You can make a difference in their lives!

Responsibilities and Participation:

  • Agree to the mentoring role for an academic year.
  • Agree to meet once a month with your mentee. These meetings can take place in person or virtually (1 hour).
  • Agree to attend our once a month Mentor's meeting (1 hour).
  • Agree to provide monthly updates on mentee through a structured reporting system.
  • Agree to attend an opening and closing program with students in the program.

If you want to become a BUILD mentor, please fill out this short form (<2 min) that will help us pair you with our incoming students.

We appreciate your willingness to participate in this important initiative.