Reopening Resources for Students and Families

This page has been updated as of August 3, 2020.

We are excited to welcome you back to campus. Above all, our priority is protecting the health and safety of our University community. We are developing comprehensive plans around COVID-19 testing, contact tracing and physical distancing.

We understand that due to the health guidelines that are in place some aspects of the University of New Haven experience will look different than in the past. Our goal is to ensure you feel comfortable with the reimagined campus experience you will have when you return to campus for the Fall 2020 semester.


Phased Return to Campus Schedule

Campus activities resumed a phased approach. Click here to read an Overview of the Reopening Phases.

Click on an image below to read more about each phase of reopening.

Phase 1 graphic

Select labs and research can resume on campus and in field

Phase 2 graphic

On-campus pilot with identified groups of residential students, faculty, and staff

Phase 3 graphic

Plan for students and employees to return to campus begins

Reimagining Campus - Updated August 3, 2020

We will begin to resume campus activities in a phased approach. As we begin to return to campus, we must be ready to provide as safe an environment as is possible for our community members as we move through the phases of re-engagement with a focus on Fall. The items listed below are measures the University will take as we move through the phases of reimagining the University.

Please note that decisions we have made are based on the comprehensive work of our COVID Task Forces and are in agreement with a process outlined by the state of Connecticut, and in accordance with local, state, and federal health and safety regulations.

  • Requiring COVID-19 Viral Testing - Updated August 3

    Please read this section carefully, as details have changed since the Reopening site was first launched.

    All residential students, commuter students, and University employees who will be returning to campus will be required to get a molecular SARS-COV2 RT-PCR test within 5 days of their return to campus A negative test result must be received by the University before anyone comes onto campus.

    Additionally, anyone coming to campus from a high COVID positive state currently subject to travel restrictions by the State of Connecticut must ALSO quarantine for 14 days prior to their return to campus date.

    Click here to view the most-updated and complete testing guidelines, including acceptable testing dates based on your return to campus date.

  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment

    All students and employees at the University must wear a mask / face covering in all public spaces. Members of the University community will be able to bring their own cloth face coverings or medical-grade masks to campus. Anyone returning to campus for the first time should come prepared with their own mask / face covering. We require that any face coverings fit snuggly around the top of the nose and cover the mouth. We recommend having multiple face coverings as they should be worn daily and then washed in warm, soapy water after each daily use. All on-campus individuals must wear masks that are at least 2-ply fabric and tight fitting across the nose and mouth. No gaiters, bandanas or loose coverings will be allowed. Coverings must not contain offensive language.

    In addition to the face covering or mask you wear on you first return to campus, the University will provide every student a campus “Welcome Kit” containing cloth face masks, a thermometer, and other items to ensure that all students have basic health items. The University has purchased 20,000 cloth face masks as well as other cleaning and protective items that will be distributed upon students’ return to campus. The University will provide two masks, as well as other items, to all University students and employees upon their return to campus, either at move-in (residential students), during Welcome Week (commuter students), or as part of employees' return to on-campus work (if applicable). The mask kits are only being made available to students and employees who are physically returning to campus.

  • Engage in Daily Wellness Checks

    The University will ask that all students monitor daily for COVID-19 symptoms using a health and safety app. We will adhere to a strict policy that all students and employees should not come to campus if any symptoms exist.

  • Conduct Contact Tracing

    The University has State of Connecticut registered and trained contact tracers on our campus. We have updated our online student illness form to improve our contact tracing process. This form will allow us to quickly identify any students who have been in contact with a positive COVID-19 individual, in class or in your residence hall, and contact them regarding isolation and testing.

  • Implement New Cleaning Standards

    The University has new cleaning and sanitization standards for all University buildings that use the most up-to-date guidelines from the CDC. These standards will include implementing new methods of cleaning, new timelines for cleaning, and the promotion of sanitation stations at high-traffic areas around campus.

  • Engage Students in Keeping the Campus Healthy

    Ensuring a healthy campus takes a village, which is why we will be creating a student workforce to promote campus health and safety, including distributing masks, sharing positive messages about physical distancing, and serving as a resource for other students on the campus.

  • Improve Our Traffic Flow

    We will re-envision how our students get to classes and migrate through campus. We have increased the time period between classes to 20 minutes to allow for a staggered dismissal from classes.

  • Reconfigured Social Spaces

    We will be updating every gathering space on campus to ensure they are optimized for health and safety. We are developing new ways to utilize our physical space in ways that promote appropriate physical distancing and that will still allow for athletics, student organizations, campus recreation, and other activities to take place.

  • Enhanced Dining Experiences

    Students will experience an upgraded dining experience on campus with a new meal reservation system, expanded seating areas for dining, more “Grab and Go” options for meals, and extended dining hall hours.

  • Secure Space for Isolation and Quarantine

    The University – in partnership with local health care providers – will establish transitional space for anyone who needs to be quarantined while waiting for test results or until they obtain a negative test result. This space will enable the University and medical professionals to support the health of our students. The University will provide food, internet, and other essential services during isolation and quarantine.

  • Partner with Local Health Systems and the City of West Haven

    The University will partner with our local health care systems and the City of West Haven to provide access to health services and public health guidance for the members of our community. This will ensure access to hospital treatment if required by members of our community.

  • Conduct COVID-19 Education & Training

    The University will train and support students to understand our public health measures and to make good decisions with public health in mind. Educational videos and other resources will be made available throughout the summer to help students prepare for our return to campus.

Campus Health & Safety Overview


COVID-19 Overview


Essential Public Health Measures
  • Face Covering Policy: All university employees and students must wear a face covering when on the campus grounds and in all public spaces, except residence hall rooms. All on-campus individuals must wear masks that are at least 2-ply fabric and tight fitting across the nose and mouth. No gaiters, bandanas or loose coverings will be allowed. Coverings must not contain offensive language.
  • Physical Distancing Policy: All university employees and students must abide by physical distancing requirements of 6 feet or more between individuals.
  • Personal Sanitizing: Soap, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes will be provided in all active campus buildings. Wash hands at least once an hour or utilize the hand sanitizing stations that are available throughout campus.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: We will provide students with fabric masks, thermometers, and hand sanitizer upon their return to campus this Fall


Health and Safety Monitoring
  • Daily Health Checking: All students will be asked to complete a Daily Wellness Check prior to or upon their arrival to campus. We will be using the health and safety app, LiveSafe, for these daily check-ins.
  • Illness Policy: Students should not come to campus if they are potentially contagious for any reason.
  • Contact Tracing: All university students agree to undergo contact tracing if they or their contacts receive a positive COVID-19 test. The University has identified a team of contract tracers on our campus.
  • Cleaning Policy: All high-touch areas will be cleaned and disinfected routinely in accordance with guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Frequently Asked Questions

Reimagining our campus life takes a village, and we will need your help to keep our community safe and healthy. We understand that students and their families will have a lot of questions about these new safety measures and procedures. Please see our Frequently Asked Questions page for quick answers to the most common questions. Check that page often, as new answers will be added on an ongoing basis.


Additional Information for Students

We strongly encourage you to continue to check this page often. More resources will be added here as they are developed.